Pfizer Vaccine May Reach India In July


Pfizer’s US vaccine may arrive in the country next month. The government has decided to relax regulatory legal hurdles in this direction. In fact, Pfizer had sought relaxation in compensation regulators. It is now agreed in the government that it should be given this exemption. Such exemptions are sought by the company from all countries including the US where the vaccine is to be supplied. If Pfizer’s vaccine gets government approval, it will be the fourth vaccine in India. Earlier, Coveshield, Covaxin and Sputnik vaccine of Russia are being given to the people of India.

Government and company agreement
According to the news published in TOI, the final agreement is yet to be done between the Indian government and the US company regarding the compensation and procurement process, but a consensus has been reached on the purchase of the vaccine from both sides. According to sources, the government can provide complete exemption in compensation. Pfizer has received exemptions for such limited use from the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency UK, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency Japan. Along with this, Pfizer’s vaccine has also got a place in the WHO emergency list.

The company can send five crore doses
According to a report, Pfizer had talked about giving 50 million doses to India between July and October. Significantly, in the past, American company Pfizer had said that it is ready to provide 50 million vaccines in 2021 itself, but it wants big relaxation in some regulatory conditions including compensation. This American company has indicated to provide 50 million vaccines this year. In this, one crore vaccines will be made available in July, one crore in August and two crore in September and one crore in October. The company has said that it will only talk to the Government of India and the vaccines will have to be paid by the Indian government to Pfizer India.


Which company is asking for discount
Actually, Pfizer has sought protection regarding the possible side effects of the vaccine, which has been agreed in the Government of India. A decision on this will be taken soon. Usually, if any kind of side effects come to the fore regarding any medicine or vaccine, then the company is charged damages. But the vaccine has been prepared in a hurry, so vaccine manufacturers need exemption from it. This type of exemption was sought by Pfizer in all the countries, including the US, where its vaccine has been supplied.

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