Palmistry: These auspicious signs present in the hands increase the profit, a person earns more than thinking


In palmistry, the future is estimated on the basis of lines. Lines create auspicious signs. These can be easily told about the identity economic progress. Auspicious signs in the hand are made of fine lines. Palmists also use lenses to see and identify them. The mountain on which these signs are made, their effect changes. The most popular symbols are the fish line, triangle and quadrilateral. 

Fish Line
Matsya Rekha means the sign of fish is a sign of economic progress. Along with increasing the effect of the mountain on which it is located, it gives fruit accordingly. The f ish sign on the mount of Sun under the ring finger makes one wealthy. The income of the person is good. He emphasizes on savings and living.


Triangle sign
Triangle sign brings a sense of protection and enrichment in a person’s life. A person acquires mastery in the works related to the qualities of the planet on which this sign is located. Career gets success by specializing in business. The triangle formed by the fate line, head line and health line makes a person financially strong. The person has good savings. A competent person is.

Square and Rectangular Quadrilateral
The symbol of a quadrilateral serves as a protection against obstructions. The symbol of quadrilateral is helpful in overcoming difficulties. It increases the power of the mountains. It acts as a bridge between the lines. Reduces the debilitating effect of the respective line. It is more related to happiness and balanced life than money.


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