Outbreak of delta variant in America too fast: America increased genome sequencing by 20%, where more delta variants were found, vaccination speed doubled


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  • US Increases Genome Sequencing By 20%, Doubles Vaccination Speed ​​Where Delta Variant Is Found

9 hours agoAuthor: Mohammed Ali for Bhaskar from New York

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This variant has reached 46 out of 50 states in America, in the US in May, on an average, 25 thousand cases came every day.

The Delta variant, which has become a matter of concern for India, is also spreading rapidly in America. According to American researchers working on its effect and genome sequencing, the rate of spread of this variant is the fastest among the variants found so far. On May 1, only one percent of the total cases in the US were of this variant, but in 30 days, their share in the new cases found in the country has reached 8-10%.

This variant has reached 46 out of 50 US states. In the US, an average of 25 thousand cases came every day in May. There have been around 7.5 lakh cases in the whole month. Of these, about 75 thousand cases are of the delta variant. This fact has raised the concern of health experts. According to him, if this variant continues to spread at the same rate, it may worsen the situation in the coming months.

Researchers believe that if the variant becomes more dominant in some states, it could put pressure to intensify vaccination campaigns in those areas. Dipt Bhattacharya, associate professor of immunobiology at the Arizona College of Medicine, says the variant appears to have certain characteristics that help it spread more rapidly.

Definitely the biggest concern. Bhattacharya has recently lost two of his relatives living in India. He hopes that the vaccine will prove effective on this variant as well. According to the Texas health official, the speed of vaccination here was going slower than the national average. After getting the Delta variant, we have become cautious. We are increasing the speed of vaccination by two times.

Apart from this, the sample has been increased for genome sequencing. At the national level, genome sequencing was being done 1-2 per cent, it has increased by 20 per cent. Apart from this, corona testing has also been increased. Research results show that this delta virus has been found in more than 1300 sequences in America. This variant can spread 60-70% faster than the alpha variant found in the UK (B.1.1.7).

This means that advanced tracking and analysis is needed to combat this virus. Scientists researching in labs and other labs affiliated with the CDC are scrambling to understand why the variant B.1.617 discovered in India What is the role of A major concern is to find out whether this variant could play a key role in the new outbreak of COVID-19 in the future.


According to the researchers, if this variant continues to spread at its current or low speed, then there can be a big risk. So far this virus has been found in 44 countries. Antibody potency 7 times less effective on this variant Research by scientists at Emory University has shown that the vaccine made for the original virus may be less effective on the variant of the delta family.

The ability of antibodies to block the virus after vaccination is 7 times less effective in this variant than in the original virus. This capability has also been underestimated by four times in the variant found in South Africa. Despite this shortcoming, researchers believe that the vaccine will work well on this variant.

Researchers wrote in the study that testing shows that mRNA vaccines are effective on this variant as well. The biggest concern is the rapid spread of the virus, says CDC spokesman Jade Fulshe. Was detected in the US between

On May 4, the CDC understood the need for research on this variant. Now considering this variant as a major threat, work is being done on it. Federal officials are thus monitoring the infection of the virus. Because experts have challenged that this virus can mutate in areas with low vaccination.

That is, it can change its appearance and such areas can become new hotspots. Experts say that it is not necessary that the new variant of the virus after mutation is only fatal, but due to its rapid spread, it can pose a new threat. They can make more people sick, which can lead to more severe cases and increased mortality. In such a situation, according to experts, the risk of Kovid explosion is highest in areas with less vaccination. But as people are going out and doing social gathering.

This makes the infection more likely to spread. Pfizer-Moderna’s vaccine is less effective on patients with box joint and muscle disease However, further study is being done on this.

Researchers say that such patients should be aware that they are not completely safe even after taking the vaccine. Its initial results show that 20 people with weakened immune systems were given the vaccine, but antibodies were not made in them. Researchers found that these patients were taking immunosuppressive drugs.

According to the researchers, in Kovid-19 patients who are not seriously ill, the immune system of such people attacks the virus more strongly. Its effect is that only minor symptoms are seen in the person concerned.

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