New tension in South China Sea: 16 jet fighters of China’s Air Force kept circling in Malaysia’s airspace for several hours, tension increased in South China Sea


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Kuala Lumpur/Beijing33 minutes ago

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China’s Air Force aircraft in the South China Sea have been entering smaller countries in the region in the past. (file)

China has once again increased tensions in the South China Sea. On Monday morning, 16 fighter jets of the Chinese Air Force flew for several hours in the coastal area of ​​Malaysia. Taking a strong stand on this, the Malaysian government gave a message to the dragon in blunt words. Malaysia said – this act will be an attempt to harm the sovereignty of our country.

Seeing the sharp attitude of Malaysia, China also tried to handle the matter on Wednesday. A statement from his side said – Our aircraft were on a routine training. There was no intention to interfere in Malaysia’s affairs.

what happened on monday
16 fighter jets of China’s Air Force were seen in the coastal area of ​​South China Sea. These aircraft were seen in the Borneo area. Here China has a border dispute with Malaysia for many years. China claims this area. Malaysia’s Air Force also became active after the Chinese plane was sighted. His planes followed Chinese aircraft. According to media reports, the Chinese fighter jets went back after seeing the aggressive attitude of the Malaysian Air Force.


what malaysia said
On Wednesday, Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on that entire incident. The Foreign Minister said- We have taken this incident seriously. This is a direct Chinese incursion into our territory. This act will not be tolerated. We have summoned the ambassador of China.

The Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur clarified the incident. In a statement, we do not want to target any country. Whatever happened, the Malaysian government should take it as just a routine exercise. Such exercises have been done before. We didn’t break any law. Our planes did not enter the borders of any country.

what is the truth
Malaysia claims that Chinese planes entered its airspace and repeatedly went in and out of it. Whereas, China claims that its aircraft were about 110 km from Malaysian airspace, and went back shortly. Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Hishimuddin said on Wednesday – China’s claim is false. His aircraft had entered our border. This is outright intrusion.

stress in good relationships
China and Malaysia generally have good relations. But, for some years, the Chinese Navy and Air Force have been trying to threaten countries like Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia coming in the South China Sea region. China wants to capture oil rich and gas deposits here. Warships of the US Navy are also present here to help small countries. Because of this, China has become more irritated.

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