Nashik’s family claims: After vaccination, iron-steel goods started sticking to the body of the elderly, the doctors who came to investigate were surprised, the government would get the investigation done


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  • A Family Of Nashik Claims Steel And Iron Items Are Sticking To The Body Of A Family Member After Taking Both Doses Of The Vaccine

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Arvind says that he also wants the doctors to find out and clear his doubts.

A very surprising case has come to light from Nashik district of Maharashtra. A family claims that after taking the second dose of the corona vaccine, magnetic power has developed in the body of an elderly member of their family. Now spoons, steel and iron utensils and coins are easily clinging to their bodies.

It is like iron sticking to a magnet. After the information about this incident came to light, Health Minister Rajesh Tope has ordered an inquiry into the matter. He said on Thursday, ‘What is the truth in this matter, everyone should know about it. Is there any medical reason behind this or something else this truth should come out soon. That’s why we have ordered a probe into the matter.

However, the family has also made a video to prove it. In which it is clearly visible that spoons, small plates and small utensils and spoons used in the house are sticking to their body.

Doctors are surprised, will send report to Maharashtra government
The family made a video of the incident and informed the district administration. A team of doctors from the administration also reached here on Wednesday for examination and they were also surprised to see this. Dr Ashok Thorat, who came to investigate Arvind Sonar, told that the investigation is going on in this case. This is a subject of research and it is too early to comment on this. For the time being, we will send its report to the Maharashtra government and work will be done as per their instructions.

Dr. Naveen Baji of Nashik’s City Hospital said, ‘This is the first time that iron and steel items are sticking on one hand after vaccination. They should consult a doctor in the private hospital where they have been vaccinated. However, no such incident has come to light before this. This is the subject of research.


Iron items are sticking on both the shoulders of Arvind.

Initially, the family felt that this happened because of sweat.
Arvind Jagannath Sonar, 71, a resident of Shivaji Chowk area of ​​Nashik, had completed both the doses of Covishield on June 2. After this he claimed that this power has come in his body. At first, the family felt that it might be sticking in their body due to sweat, but many times this happened to them, they started changing their perception too.

The family has confirmed this in several ways.
Arvind’s son Jayant told, ‘I was watching the news. During this time I saw some coins sticking from my father’s shoulder. Initially I thought that maybe he was sleeping and when he got up, it must have been the coins lying on the bed due to sweat. After some time he pasted some more things, then our perception started changing. However, we bathed him and checked again to confirm that light iron items were sticking to his body.

Many teams of doctors have come to examine Arvind.

Many teams of doctors have come to examine Arvind.

Son claimed to have some more such cases in social media
Arvind Sonar’s son says that he had seen a video on YouTube in which a person from Delhi was telling that after taking the second dose of Corona, magnetic power has arisen in his body. However, till this matter is not investigated and no concrete evidence is found, Bhaskar does not confirm Arvind Sonar’s claim.

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