Mysterious death of actors: From Sridevi, Parveen Babi to Divya Bharti, big questions arose after the mysterious death of these actors


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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is going to be a year on June 14. For the last one year, everyone’s question is what was the reason for the death of the actor. While it is being called a suicide by the CBI, there are many of his fans who are not ready to believe it. Even before Sushant, many celebs have mysteriously said goodbye to the world, whose cause of death has not yet been clear. Let’s know who those celebs are-


Popular actress Sridevi died in a hotel in Dubai on 24 February 2018. The actress had arrived there to attend the wedding of her cousin Mohit Marwah. After his death, everyone’s question was that how could the sudden death of Sridevi, who was seen laughing in the pictures taken just a few hours ago, happened. After investigation, the death of Sridevi was called an accident. The actress fell into her bathroom tub while intoxicated, where she suffocated from the water.

Divya Bharti

In her early Bollywood career, Divya Bharti had become the most popular actress by performing tremendously in many great films. After several hit films, Divya Bharti’s film Chess was released in the year 1993, but Divya had passed away before its release. Divya died on April 5 after falling from the balcony of the Tulsi apartment building. Divya was only 19 years old at that time. The actress had secretly married producer Sajid Nadiadwala and lived with him. During investigation, it was found that Divya had fallen down from the balcony after losing her balance in a state of intoxication, while many of her fans allege that the actress was made drunk under a well-thought-out conspiracy. Divya’s case was closed only a few months after her death.

Parveen Babi

The body of Parveen Babi, who was once the most famous actress, was found in her South Mumbai flat on 22 January 2005, while she had died 3 days earlier. When the police found her body, it was completely rotten. The actress was fighting a mental illness named schizophrenia. It was not clear in the investigation whether he committed suicide or the cause of his death was illness. Let us know that popular directors Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi were in a relationship. Mahesh wanted to leave his family and start a new life with Parveen but it could not happen due to the actress’s illness. Mahesh revealed his relationship with Parveen in an interview in 2014. He told that due to illness, Parveen’s mental condition had worsened, many people started to think of him as their enemy. She was also starting to think of Amitabh as an enemy of her life. Mahesh made rounds of many big hospitals to get him treated, but his disease was incurable.

Arya Banerjee

The body of actress Arya Banerjee, who was seen in The Dirty Picture film, was mysteriously found in her flat in December 2020. According to reports, when Arya’s maid reached home, she did not open the door. Kamwali informed the police when the situation seemed suspicious. When the police broke the lock and reached inside, they found the actress lying on the ground covered in blood, as well as vomiting around her. Investigation found that the cause of death of the actress was excessive drinking. According to the police, he had suffered cardiac arrest due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

silk smitha

The death of South’s popular actress Silk Smita was a shock to the industry. Despite achieving success, the actress was living life in loneliness. On 23 September 1996, Vijayalakshmi alias Silk Smitha was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her house. It is said that the actress was addicted to alcohol and started spending more time alone. Reports claim that the actress committed suicide in the depression, although there is no strong evidence to suggest this.

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