Mother-in-law angle in Corona: Mother-in-law, irritated by isolation in Telangana, hugged daughter-in-law forcibly, saying – you should also be infected


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Hyderabad7 hours ago

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A strange case of corona infection has come to light in Rajna Sirchilla district of Telangana. After getting infected here, an isolated woman forcefully embraced her daughter-in-law and infected her too. After this the daughter-in-law was thrown out of the village. After this his sister took him with her.

A 20-year-old girl who was infected with her mother-in-law told in video conferencing, “When the mother-in-law got infected, she was isolated. She was given food at a fixed place. Even her grandchildren were not allowed to go near.” I was also constantly keeping distance from him. In such a situation, my mother-in-law got very angry.

This young woman told the officers, “My mother-in-law hugged me forcibly saying that you should also have corona infection. Do you guys want me to die and you guys live happily ever after?”


Mother-in-law was angry with the changed behavior of the family
A woman infected with her mother-in-law is undergoing treatment at her sister’s house. He has been kept in isolation. The husband of this woman works as a tractor driver and is in Odisha for the last 7 months. Officials said that the woman’s mother-in-law was shocked and annoyed by the changed behavior of the family after Corona got infected. This was hurting his ego. The officials have told the girl that if she wants to file a case against her mother-in-law, she will be helped in this.

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