Modi-Harris talks: Prime Minister Modi talks to US Vice President Kamala Harris, focus on strengthening the relationship between the two countries


New Delhi25 minutes ago

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In January also there was a conversation between Kamala Harris and Modi. (file)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with US Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday night. According to the news agency, this conversation took place at the initiative of Harris. During the talks, there was an idea to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Earlier, talks were held between the two leaders on January 21. On January 20, Kamala was sworn in as the US Vice President. Modi had congratulated him for reaching this position. The Prime Minister had later informed about the conversation with Kamala on social media. According to Modi- during the conversation with the US Vice President, he had expressed hope that the relationship between the two countries would be stronger in the future. America and India’s friendship will prove beneficial for the world as well.

New hope on vaccine
On Thursday night itself, the White House announced that it was increasing its role on the global vaccine program. According to the statement, the US will give 75% of the overstocked vaccines it has to the International Alliance. This means that India can also benefit from this program, because India and America have strong relations. Recently, India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar also visited America and during that time there was discussion on vaccine sharing.

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