Mahabharat Katha Who Was Bhanumati Who Had A Close Relationship With Duryodhana And Skilled In This Art Too


Duryodhan Wife Bhanumati: Talking about the powerful characters of Mahabharata, the name Duryodhana can be included at the top. It was Duryodhana, due to which the war of Mahabharata was fought in Kurukshetra. Most people know everything about this character but do you know with whom Duryodhana had a dispute. His wife’s name was Bhanumati who was born to Raj Chandravarma of Kamboj.

Pandora was skilled in this art
Duryodhana was very powerful, which was not everyone’s business to defeat. She had great strength in her arms, but Gandhari has mentioned in the Sati Parva that Bhanumati was an expert in wrestling and that too she used to defeat her husband Duryodhana many times. Not only strong in body, but Pandora was a very beautiful and sharp-minded woman.

This is how Duryodhana was married


It is said that when King Chandravarma organized the daughter’s swayamvara, Duryodhana along with the great kings also took part in it. When he saw Pandora coming to the palace with a garland, Duryodhana was fascinated and forcibly put the garland around his neck. This made the rest of the kings angry and ready for war. But Duryodhana first put the condition of defeating Karna and when the kings fought with Karna, all were defeated. In this way, Bhanumati had to fight with Duryodhana.

gave birth to two children
Bhanumati gave birth to two children after marrying Duryodhana. Son Lakshmana and daughter Lakshmana. The daughter was married to Samba, the child born of Krishna’s Jambavati. So Lakshmana was killed by Abhimanyu in the war.

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