Mahabharat: In these 12 things of Bhishma Pitamah, there is a deep secret of long life and healthy living, you should also know


Mahabharat Ki Katha: The story of Mahabharata also teaches the art of living life. The story of Mahabharata is not limited to Kauravas and Pandavas only. The story of Mahabharata also gives important information about longevity and good health.


How long did the war of Mahabharata last
The war of Mahabharata lasted for 18 days. Bhishma Pitamah was the commander of the Kaurava army. When Bhishma Pitamah started getting heavy on the army of Pandavas, then there was a stir in the army of Pandavas. The soldiers started getting scared. Then Shri Krishna humbly asked Bhishma Pitamah the remedy for death with folded hands.

Shikhandi became the cause of Bhishma’s death
After knowing the remedy, the next day the Pandavas put Shikhandi in front of Bhishma. Bhishma gives up his weapons and nbsp; and weapons after finding Shikhandi in front. Arjuna hides and pierces Bhishma Pitamah with arrows and on the tenth day of the battle Bhishma Pitamah lies down on the bed of arrows. Lying on the bed of arrows, Bhishma imparts knowledge to Yudhishthira and tells these 12 important things related to age and health –

  1. Keeping the mind under control.
  2. Don’t boast.
  3. Stopping the growing desire towards subjects.
  4. Don’t give up even after hearing bitter words.
  5. Keep calm and patient with any injury.
  6. Giving shelter to the guest and the helpless.
  7. Keep blasphemy away from juice.
  8. Reading and listening to scriptures regularly.
  9. Not sleeping during the day. 
  10. Giving respect to others without wanting to respect themselves. 
  11. Don’t be subject to anger.
  12. Food for health, not for taste.

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