Madras High Court remarks: Husband and wife feel that ‘arrogance’ and ‘intolerance’ like shoes, their life is hellish if they enter the house


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  • Husband And Wife Feel That ‘arrogance’ And ‘intolerance’ Like Shoes, Their Life Is Hellish If They Enter The House

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High Court: Unfortunately, husband does not have a law like Domestic Violence Act to act against wife

‘Unfortunately the husband does not have a law like the Domestic Violence Act to take action against the wife. In this case it is clear that the wife has filed a complaint of domestic violence only to harass the husband. Madras High Court Justice S. Vaidyanathan made this remark on Tuesday in a case related to domestic violence.

Justice Vaidyanathan further said, “The present generation has to understand that marriage is a sacrament. This is not a contract. Of course, ‘sanskar’ has ceased to exist after the Domestic Violence Act-2005 came into force. This law allows live-in relationships (living together without marriage). Yet husband and wife must realize that ‘ego’ and ‘intolerance’ are like shoes. That’s why they should be left outside the house.

If they enter the house then not only their life becomes hellish, but children also have to face such situations. With these comments, the High Court gave a verdict in favor of the aggrieved husband. The High Court not only ordered the petitioner husband to be reinstated on the job in 15 days. Rather, he also directed the government to pay his full amount for the period of suspension.

According to the High Court, the order of suspension of the aggrieved person is wrong: Justice Vaidyanathan said that it appears that the respondent (complainant’s wife) has made a complaint with the aim of unnecessarily harassing the plaintiff (husband). The divorce case of both was going on in the family court. It was likely to be decided in favor of the husband.


The family court was about to grant divorce. But four days before this, the wife accused the husband of domestic violence. Meanwhile, the family court ended the case by ordering divorce. But his department suspended the husband after accepting the wife’s allegations of domestic violence. There was no reason for the department to do so. That order was wrong.

The husband had sought divorce, meanwhile the wife complained of domestic violence

Actually, troubled by the harassment of the wife, the husband had filed for divorce in the family court. From there it was decided in his favor. Meanwhile, the wife accused the husband of domestic violence. On this basis the husband was suspended from his job. Against this suspension order, the person concerned had appealed in the Madras High Court.

During the hearing in this case, the High Court also ordered the wife of that person to be present during the hearing. But despite the notice of the High Court, she did not appear in the court. This also gave the High Court grounds to issue an order in favor of the husband. With regard to the allegations of the wife, the High Court said that their veracity will be tested at the appropriate forum.

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