Life saved by giving kidney to husband’s ex-wife: In America, after 2 days of marriage, the kidney was given to the husband’s first wife; Said- now we are kidney sisters


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  • The Kidney Was Given To The Husband’s First Wife Only After 2 Days Of Marriage In America; Said Now We Are Kidney Sisters

Florida6 hours ago

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Jim, his girlfriend Debbie and his wife Mylene.

  • Married after 10 years of dating Jim, who got divorced 20 years ago

There has been an incident in Florida, USA, which can look completely filmy. Actually, a woman has saved her husband’s ex-wife by giving her a kidney. The case is of Fort Lauderdale and the name of this kidney donor is Debbie V Neil Strickland. The special thing is that he gave kidney to the husband’s first wife only after two days of marriage.

Actually, Jim and his wife Mylene have been divorced 20 years ago. Although both are taking care of their two children together. Debbie, on the other hand, married Jim after dating for 10 years. Earlier, their marriage was getting postponed due to the marriages of their children and other reasons. Meanwhile, Jim’s first wife, Mylene, was diagnosed with kidney disease. Gradually the disease became serious and the situation became such that now only 8% of Mylan’s kidney was working. Many relatives offered kidney for him, but none matched the medical condition of Mylan.


On the other hand, Jim and Debbie were planning a wedding. Meanwhile, Jim’s daughter was about to become a mother and Mylene was nearing death. When Debbie came to know about this, she talked to Jim and expressed his desire to donate the kidney to Mylene. Debbie, who is taking care of 6 children, says, ‘Now we are kidney sisters.’ According to doctors, the health of both is improving.

Decision to give pleasure of becoming a nanny to the first wife

Jim and Mylene’s daughter is about to become a mother. In such a situation, Debbie was feeling sad that if Mylene died, she would not be able to see the happiness of becoming a nanny and the daughter would be left alone. That’s why he took such a big decision without thinking much about marriage and future life.

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