Juhi’s video after 20 lakh fine: Actress said – we were never against 5G, just wanted to prove that it is safe for everyone


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Juhi Chawla’s petition was first rejected by the Delhi High Court on 5G, then a fine of 20 lakhs was also imposed on her. After this Juhi did not say anything on this matter. Now the actress has shared a video on social media. In which she is once again explaining her point with some examples that what was her concern in reality.

Juhi expressed these concerns
Juhi is saying in the video- There has been so much noise in the last days that I could not even hear myself, in which a very important message was probably lost. It was that we are not against 5G. Rather we welcome it, you must definitely bring it. We are asking that the authority which is there should certify that it is safe. We are only saying that this fear of ours should go away, we all should go to sleep comfortably. Please tell that it is safe for children, pregnant women, elderly, unborn children and nature. That’s all we’re asking.


This was the whole matter related to the petition
Juhi Chawla had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against 5G technology last month, but the court dismissed the petition, saying – this petition is an abuse of legal process and it seems that it was filed for publicity. The court also imposed a fine of 20 lakhs on Juhi. Earlier, a hearing of this case was very much discussed, when a man started singing songs of Juhi’s films during the hearing. Read full news here..

What did Juhi say in the petition?
Before the implementation of 5G technology, Juhi Chawla appealed to the Delhi High Court to investigate its effect on humans and animals. Juhi had demanded from the court that before the implementation of 5G technology, all the studies related to it should be read carefully. Especially the effect of radiation should be investigated. At the same time, it should also be made clear that there is no harm to the present and future generations of the country due to this technology.

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