It takes less than 2 seconds to reach a speed of 100 kmph, on a single charge it travels 547 km. This ‘stormy’ car accelerates to 100 km in just 2 seconds, runs 547 km on a single charge


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  • It Takes Less Than 2 Seconds To Reach A Speed ​​Of 100 Kmph, On A Single Charge It Travels 547 Km

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Car maker Rimac Navera has made the world’s most expensive car, it first started its production by making the C-Two. The name Navera is derived from a storm, while Rimek is the place in Croatia where these storms occur. These storms get their power from flashes of lightning. Just like its name, so is its work. It runs at hurricane speed and gets charged with electricity. Its price is 17.80 crores (2 million euros). Whose collision will be with the Remake Lotus Eviza and the upcoming car Pininfarina Batista.

Accelerates 300 in about 9 seconds

Its engine is so powerful that it takes just 1.85 seconds to reach the speed of 0 to 100 km/h. At the same time, it takes 9.3 seconds for the speed of 0 to 300 km / h. The top speed of Navera is 412 km/h. It travels up to 547 km on a single charge.


Weight only 200 kg

The Rimac Ravera is a monocoque design, which does not affect the speed of the vehicle due to strong wind in the vehicle. Due to the carbon structure, its weight becomes 200 kg.

It uses 2,200 carbon fiber ply. The H shape has a 120 kWh battery pack. Which is equivalent to about 7 thousand cells used in the remote. The battery has an advanced liquid cooling system. Which gives more power for a longer period of time.

Braking system with modern technology

Throughout the design, the Navera features features similar to the C-Two. The Navara also gets Active Aero on the underside, front bonnet, rear diffuser and rear wing. Which can be set to either low drag mode or high downforce mode.

All wheels of the Rimac get a Torque Vectoring 2 (R-AWTV 2) system (ESP) and Traction Control (TC) system, replacing the old electronic stability program, to increase grip and traction. Due to the motor being free, the four wheels of the car get power and the grip on the road surface is maintained. It has a braking system with modern technology.

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