India’s Project-75: 6 hi-tech submarines will be built for 50 thousand crores, the first will be available after 8 years; Now two companies short list


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The central government on Friday cleared the way for the project to build 6 hi-tech submarines in the country. Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) headed by Rajnath Singh has shortlisted two companies for this project of 50 thousand crores.

DAC has accepted the Request for Proposal (RFP) or tender from Indian companies Mazagon Docks (MDL) and Larsen & Turbo (L&T). These companies will be entrusted with the diesel electric program. It has been named Project-75 India or P-75I. Understand the whole deal in question and answer…

What is Project-75?
Project-75 has been launched under Make in India. RFP of 2 companies of the country has been approved. Now they will tie up with 5 selected overseas shipyards to place their financial and technical bids. These five foreign shipyards are Rosoborone Export/Rubin Design Bureau of Russia, Naval Group-DCNS of France, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems of Germany, Navancia of Spain and Daewoo of South Korea.

When will you get the first submarine?
An official close to the deal said it would take a year for the bidding to take place and a bid to be finalized. After this the actual contract will be prepared and signed. After this, the delivery of the first submarine will take place after about 7 years, that is, after 8 years from the present time. A budget of 50 thousand crores will be spent on this entire project for the next 10-12 years.

What will be the specialty of the submarine?
The size of the submarine to be built under Project-75 will be twice the size of the Scorpene submarine we have. Navy wants very strong fire power in these submarines. The Indian Navy has demanded to install anti-ship cruise missiles and land attack cruise missiles in these submarines.


Why is this project special?
This deal is being called the Mother of All Underwater Combat Deals. It will have a water-to-surface cruise missile. Apart from this, its firepower will also be effective in water and air. India has needed this type of firepower since 2007. In such a situation, this submarine project is very important for the defense sector.

Any other projects in the pipeline?
According to a report, there is another project pending with the Cabinet Committee on Security. Under this, 6 Nuclear Power Attack Submarines (SSNs) are to be made. As soon as the way for this deal is cleared, 3 such submarines will start being built for the first time. Their weight will be 6 thousand tons. Each one will be made at a cost of 15 thousand crores.

Why does India need this?

  1. The Chinese Navy is continuously infiltrating the Indian Ocean. In terms of underwater capability, it has become necessary for the Indian Navy to increase its capabilities. China has the largest navy in the world. He has 350 warships. It also includes 50 conventional and 10 nuclear submarines. It wants to increase its number of warships to 420 by 2030.
  2. Pakistan has 8 diesel electric submarines of Yuan class. There are 4 warships of the 054A type. Apart from this, a deal of $ 7 billion has been made with China. Under this, he will get more weapons and naval platforms.
  3. India has 12 diesel-electric submarines in its fleet of 150 warships. These are very old and if need be, only half of them will be operational. India has two nuclear submarines INS Arihant and INS Chakra. These are taken on lease from Russia.

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