Inadequate and lack of good sleep: If you do not get enough sleep due to epidemic and stress, then there is a possibility of increasing blood sugar and fat, get 7 hours of sleep every day.


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  • If You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep Due To Epidemic And Stress, Then There Is A Possibility Of Increasing Blood Sugar And Fat, Sleep For 7 Hours Daily.

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If you are getting less sleep and feel more like eating chocolate-biscuit, then be alert.

Over the past year, many people’s sleep has been affected due to the pandemic and stress. Anyone who has gone through this problem will be well aware of the effects of poor sleep on mood, memory and concentration. But perhaps few people know that insufficient and lack of good sleep also affects your waist size and blood sugar level badly.

Medical experts say that stress and insomnia also disturb the hormonal balance in the body. This increases the chances of blood sugar and excess fat accumulating around the waist. Because in the state of stress, there is a great desire to eat fat and sugary (high-calorie) things like chocolate, biscuits. According to Dr. Michael Mosley of Oxford University, not only in Britain and America, but due to the lockdown in countries around the world, the weight of people has increased significantly. In the UK, 14 million people have pre-diabetes (high blood sugar).

According to Dr. Mosley, if your waist is growing rapidly and you are much heavier than your twenties, then you are in the risk zone of diabetes. Professor of Medicine at Leeds University. According to Eleanor Scott, people who get less than seven hours of sleep are at higher risk of obesity and diabetes. Lack of sleep alters the hormones associated with hunger, which leads to an empty stomach all the time. Also it induces to eat sweets.


A recent study from King’s College London claims that people suffering from insomnia eat an average of 385 calories (the equivalent of a large piece of cake) daily. Hormones associated with hunger and associated brain regions are also activated when fatigue occurs. In other words, people who start getting attracted towards unhealthy things like chips, chocolate, in them this extra fat starts accumulating around the stomach. Which can increase blood pressure and cholesterol. This results in heart disease and stroke.

Less sleep and stress increase the risk of weight gain and waist size

According to experts, stress and less sleep make it more difficult to control weight and waist. The reason for this is not just psychological pressure. Rather, cortisol (the hormone associated with stress) can also increase sugar levels. The increased cortisol makes the muscles and tissues insulin resistant (i.e. they do not allow insulin to do its job). At the same time, it also stimulates the liver to release more sugar into the blood. Dr. Mosley says that the most effective way to prevent all this is to sleep well and be stress free.

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