How Much Tax Does The Government Charge For Taking Vaccine In Private Hospitals. Know The Detail | How much tax does the government charge for taking vaccine in private hospitals?


To overcome the corona havoc in the country, an exercise is going on to emphasize the vaccination campaign, but the lack of vaccine is affecting this campaign. To speed up the process of vaccine, private hospitals have also been allowed to give the vaccine, but the price of the vaccine is so high that most common people are shying away from getting the vaccine in private hospitals. Initially, the central government was procuring the vaccines of both the indigenous companies Kovashield and Covaxin at the rate of Rs 150 per dose and was also giving it to government and private hospitals. After this, private hospitals were allowed to charge a vaccination charge of Rs 100. At that time, private hospitals had agreed that Rs 100 would cover the cost of administering the vaccine. But now these hospitals are charging Rs 900 to 1400 per dose for the vaccine. What is the main reason for this.

In this way the price of vaccine increased
Till April 30, the cost of a single dose of Coveshield and Covaxin in private hospitals was fixed at Rs 250. In this, the central government used to give the vaccine to private hospitals for Rs 150 and it was allowed to charge a service fee of Rs 100. After this private hospitals started buying vaccines directly from vaccine manufacturers. On May 1, the hospital got a dose of Coveshield for Rs 600. It cost Rs 800 to 900 by levying 5% GST and service charge and in this they are vaccinating people.

Kovaxon price up to 1400
On the other hand, hospitals are charging the cost of Covaxin from people up to Rs 1200. Hospitals say that they are getting Covaxin from the company for Rs 1200. Including GST and service charge, it is being sold to the people for 1400. That is, a person will have to spend at least Rs 2000 to take both the doses of the vaccine. If there are five people in the family, then it will take 10 thousand rupees to get the vaccine.

Hospitals claim, the cost of the vaccine itself is Rs 900

A hospital told TOI that with GST and transportation and storage cost, the cost of the Covishield ranges from Rs 660 to 670. Of these, 5-6 per cent of the vaccine is wasted due to wear and tear. In this way, the price of vaccine per dose is 710 to 715 rupees. The cost of applying the vaccine also includes the cost of hand sanitizer, PPE kit for the staff, biomedical waste disposal etc. which works out to Rs 170 to 180. In this way the cost per dose of the vaccine works out to Rs 900. The cost of Kovishield vaccine at Max Hospital is Rs 900 per dose while Apollo Hospitals is charging Rs 850 for it. Similarly, the cost of applying a dose of Covaxin in Manipal is Rs 1,350 while Fortis Hospital is charging Rs 1,250 for it. A dose of Covaxin is available at Rs 1,500 at BGS Gleneanges Hospital in Bangalore and Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata.

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