How effective in Pfizer India: Study claims – Pfizer’s vaccine produced 5 times less antibodies against India’s delta variant than the original variant


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  • People Vaccinated With The Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine Are Likely To Have More Than 5 Times Lower Levels Of Neutralising Antibodies Against The Delta Variant First Identified In India

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The way for the arrival of the US vaccine Pfizer of Corona in India is being cleared and soon it will be available in the country. However, a study suggests that the Pfizer vaccine will produce 5 times fewer antibodies against the Indian delta variant than the original variant.

According to a report published in the Lancet journal, with increasing age, the ability of these antibodies to recognize and fight viruses will also decrease. Delta variant and its associated Understand this report in question and answer…

What is the delta variant and how many variants have been found so far, which raised concerns?
4 variants causing trouble have come to the fore so far. The first of these is Alpha i.e. B.1.1.7. It was found in the UK in September last year. This was followed by Beta variants in South Africa and Gamma variants in Brazil and Japan. In October last year, the Delta variant i.e. B.1.617 was found in India. These variants are troublesome because they cause severe symptoms. They spread quickly and can also dodge antibodies.

Why is the link between Pfizer and Delta variants important for India?
Emergency use of Pfizer vaccine has been approved in India. In order to bring it as soon as possible, the central government has also accepted the condition of not conducting a local trial of the American company. Apart from this, AIIMS has also said that Pfizer vaccine can also be administered to children in India.

Approval has already been given for the installation of Pfizer children in the US and UK. Now in the third wave, children are more likely to be infected. Secondly, the Delta variant is in India. In such a situation, Pfizer’s vaccine and its delta link are very important for us.


Have a problem with Pfizer’s effectiveness?
Pfizer is the first vaccine to be administered to children. Pfizer has said that it is ready to give 5 crore doses to India this year. Meanwhile, a Lancet journal study has come out, which says that Pfizer will produce 5 times fewer antibodies against the delta variant than against the original variant. The ability of antibodies to recognize and fight viruses will decline with age.

This too will decrease with time. This response will decrease further when someone takes only one dose. Or the gap between two doses will be longer. Now in India the gap between two doses of CoveShield has been increased from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks. In the case of Pfizer, this difference has not yet been decided.

What kind of path will India have to take now?
Britain found in its study that the Pfizer vaccine produced fewer antibodies against the current variant than the previous variant. This is a matter of the situation when the first dose is given to someone. Emma Wall, senior clinical research fellow at The Legacy Study in London, says that our study suggests that the difference between the two doses should be reduced to overcome the problem of antibodies. Along with this, those whose immunity is weak, they should also be given a booster dose. After these studies, Britain has decided to reduce the difference between the two doses. India can also take such a step.

How effective is the Pfizer vaccine against which variant?
The Lancet study found that 79% of people who took a single dose of Pfizer developed antibodies against the original variant. But, the figure dropped to 50% against the alpha, 32% against the delta variant, and reached 25% against the beta variant. The research also said that the percentage of vaccination has to be kept high to save people from going to the hospital.

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