Hopes broken from Olympics: Foreign visitors ban, no decision on Japanese, companies that have given 23 thousand crores canceled campaigns, reduced offerings


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  • Foreign Visitors Ban, No Decision On Japanese, Companies That Have Given 23 Thousand Crores Canceled Campaigns, Reduced Offerings

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The Tokyo Olympics are to begin on 23 July. Less than two months left. But Japan’s Asahi Breweries doesn’t yet know whether fans will be allowed into stadiums to buy its beer. The pandemic and slow vaccine launches have put Japan on the back foot of the Olympic event. Foreign audiences are not allowed and domestic audiences have not been decided.

The most stressed are the 60 companies, both locally and internationally, that had given sponsorship for the Tokyo Olympic Games. He put about 22 thousand crores at stake. Last year, after the postponement of the Olympics, 1500 crores were spent to extend the contract. But the result is not looking up to expectations. The big challenge for companies is how to advance or even increase their ad campaigns. Take Asahi, it has exclusive rights to sell beer, wine and soft beer in stadiums. But until the audience is decided.


She can’t decide anything. Even if the audience is approved, the government will hardly allow alcohol in off-site public places. Global sponsor Toyota Motor Corp wanted to showcase its innovative technology. It had planned to launch 3700 vehicles, including 500 Mirai hydrogen sedans, for the transportation of athletes and VIPs. Self-driving pods were also to be arranged for athletes in the Olympic Village. A source close to the company said that all this will happen, but on a very small scale. Far from what we had expected and imagined.

Travel agencies JTB Corp and Tobu Top Tours Company also launched packages, but may now cancel them. Companies have said that if spectators are not approved or games are canceled, they will refund them. These were to give tour programs to Japan’s top CEOs, including reception parties with celebrities and athletes, private cars and saloons. These plans have been limited to tickets for hotel stays or games involving gifts.

Global sponsors slashing Tokyo budget to Beijing-Paris

Associate Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University. Christie Nordielam said – ‘The lack of tourists and participants has a direct impact on advertisers and companies. Some Japanese companies have even canceled plans for advertisements with athletes. Some of the top global sponsors, whose contracts are valid until 2024, are halting the budget for the Beijing Games in 2022 or the Paris Games in 2024 by slashing funding in Tokyo. The ad company of Tokyo, Mr. Positive’s Peter Grasse says it may be suitable for international companies. But the local has only one Olympics. That’s why we can’t sit still. Will try my best.

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