Health Tips: Eating Too Much Fig Can Be Problematic, Benefits, Side Effects And How To Eat Fig


Fig is such a fruit that people also eat it in the form of dry fruits. It is very tasty and beneficial to eat. Figs have many nutritional properties that benefit health. But eating figs in large quantities can also cause some harm. If you eat figs, then eat it in limited quantity. Eating too many figs can cause you many stomach problems. Know the disadvantages of eating more figs.

1- Flatulence and heavy feeling- Eating more figs makes the stomach heavy. Due to this you may complain of stomach pain. Yes, if you drink cold water after eating figs, then there will be no stomach pain. Apart from this, eating more figs leads to the problem of flatulence.

2- Harmful oxalate- Those who are already suffering from kidney and cheek bladder problems, the oxalate from figs can harm them. It can kill the spleen from which white blood cells are made. Therefore it should be eaten in limited quantity.


3- Damage to the liver and intestines- Eating figs in large quantities can also cause problems in your liver. It can also cause intestinal blockage. Fig seeds are a bit difficult to digest.

4- Bleeding problem- Figs are hot in nature, so eating too much can lead to bleeding. It can also cause retinal bleeding in some people. Periods can also come early.

5- Calcium deficiency- Eating too many figs can cause calcium deficiency. Figs contain oxalates which absorb all the calcium present in the body. In such a situation, many diseases can also occur due to calcium deficiency.

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