Health Tips: Drinking apple and beet juice will reduce weight, include it in breakfast to stay fit


Nowadays it is most important to stay healthy and fit. In such a situation, your food should be the most healthy. By eating, our body gets all the necessary nutrients, due to which we remain healthy throughout the day. But do you know that our breakfast is the most important of all the meals. Therefore, it is said that breakfast should always be full of nutrition. In such a situation, if you are planning to lose weight, then your breakfast plays a big role in this too. After having a healthy breakfast in the morning, you feel energetic throughout the day. Metabolism is also good by having a good breakfast, due to which the weight also starts reducing rapidly.
If you eat apple for breakfast then it is very good to stay healthy. Yes if you want to lose weight fast. So you should include apple and beetroot in breakfast. This will reduce your weight fast and the body will get many other benefits. Nerves and muscles work properly by eating apples and beets full of nutritious elements. You can also drink apple and beet juice in breakfast. Know how to make it. 

How to make apple and beet juice
To make juice, take 3 beets and remove the skin. Now remove 2 apple peels and put them in it. Now put apple and beetroot in the juicer. You can also add some mint leaves to it. Now grind it well and take out the juice. If you want, you can add some jaggery or honey to it. Now add some lemon juice and salt and drink it. & nbsp;  


Benefits of apple and beet juice

Controls blood pressure- Drinking apple and beet juice keeps blood pressure under control. Research has found that drinking apple and beetroot juice keeps systolic and diastolic blood pressure control. People who are anemic, should drink this juice daily.

Increases metabolism- Apples and beetroot are rich in fiber. Also, they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Digestion is fine by eating apple and beetroot daily. Extra fat does not accumulate in the body. There are a total of 44 calories in about 100 grams of 1 & nbsp; beetroot whereas zero calories are found in apples. Drinking apple and beet juice reduces body inflammation and also reduces weight.

Reduces weight- Drinking apple and beet juice also reduces the reason. This also reduces your food cravings and you avoid overeating. If you are planning to lose weight then this will be very healthy for you. 

Reduces cravings- Often people control the diet when they plan to lose weight. In such a situation, there is a lot of craving for food. You can eat an apple whenever you feel hungry. This will reduce your cravings and your stomach will also be full. Also, beetroot reduces your fatigue. Eating beetroot also increases stamina.

Reduces the risk of dementia- People who give apple and beet juice to their children every morning have less forgetfulness. This juice significantly reduces the risk of dementia. Apart from this, you can give this juice to the elderly as well, this keeps their memory good. & Nbsp;

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