Headache Most Common Health Ailment Among Urban Indians, Pills Preferred Over Balm: Survey | Headache is the most common health disease among urban Indians, people prefer pills over balm


A pan-India survey by Ipsos has revealed that headache is the top common ailment among urban Indians and at least one in 2 claims to have suffered from it. In addition, consumers preferred pills over balms to reduce the effects of the disease. The survey, covering 15,133 households in 34 cities, cited fever, body ache, common cold, nasal congestion among other top diseases.

Preferred pills over balm for headache

Consumers preferred self-treatment to doctor over self-treatment, especially for fever, while more people spoke of self-medication and relying on chemists for headache, cough and cold. In addition, gastric conditions were found to be more prevalent in geriatrics. Ipsos said in the statement, “Interestingly, Eno emerged as the top over-the-counter brand choice for gastric conditions, with at least 10 urban Indians liking it. Zandu Balm is one of the best balms for headaches. Beach was the top choice.”

Monica Gangwani of Ipsos Healthcare says, “Many observations forced us to do pan-India research. One, we found that self-medication increased due to time constraints, increased literacy levels and higher doctor fees. Second, the rapid growth of new categories of health supplements and wearables, and third, pharma companies moving popular brands from RX to OTC and strong promotion of OTC brands.”


Among Balms Found Zandu Balm Top Choice for Headaches

The survey looked at drugstore behavior of people by categorizing Covid lockdown phase versus pre-covid. The results showed that 55 per cent of the people did not stock up on medicines specifically during the lockdown. But this behavior was no different from the pre-Covid phase, in which 54 per cent people claimed not to stock medicines even during normal times. Only seven percent people agreed to consult a doctor during the lockdown. Of those consultations, 88 per cent were for common conditions eg cough, cold, fever, acidity, dyspepsia, while 31 per cent were for routine testing for diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and asthma.

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