Happy Hypoxia: Why this situation is silent killer for COVID-19 patients? Know the reason


What is Happy Hypoxia?
According to medical experts, Happy Hypoxia is a condition where patients have very little oxygen in their blood but do not show any symptoms. Happy hypoxia refers to those people who can experience organ failure without any specific symptoms. These patients can do normal tasks such as sitting, talking, using electronic devices. It is seen mostly in young people and they do not show any symptoms of shortness of breath until it is too late for them.  In a state of happy hypoxia, the oxygen saturation level of people reaches or falls below 40 percent, which should normally be close to 95 percent. 

How to Recognize Happy Hypoxia?
1. According to doctors, the blood oxygen level of Kovid-19 patients should be continuously measured with the help of pulse oximeter, even if they are not showing any symptoms.

2. There is a change in the color of the lips in patients of Happy Hypoxia,   It turns pale blue, with heavy sweating without vigorous activity, the skin also turns red or purple. Therefore, when you notice these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.

How does happy hypoxia happen?
Corona virus basically affects the lungs and blood vessels. The virus damages the operability of the lungs by causing inflammation in the blood vessels. In normal cases, hypoxia manifests among patients with strong symptoms such as headache, shortness of breath, breathlessness. But happy hypoxia allows people to perform normal tasks without any symptoms until much later. Therefore, if your blood saturation is below 94 percent, seek immediate medical attention as far as possible.


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