Green card quota will end in America: Pro-opposition jointly presented a bill to eliminate 7% limit, it is possible for Indians to benefit


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  • Pros And Cons Together Introduced A Bill To Abolish The 7% Limit, It Is Possible For Indians To Benefit

Washington6 hours ago

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Getting a green card entitles immigrants to the privilege of permanently living in the US.

  • Per country limit on family sponsored visa will also increase

The 7% green card limit for every country in the US may soon expire. Indian IT professionals can get the most benefit from this. In fact, in the US, the pros and cons have jointly introduced a bill to remove the employment-based green card limit given to every country. This is expected to change for the first time since 1990.

This is likely to benefit Indian IT professionals who have been waiting for a green card for a long time. The ‘Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment’ law 2021 needs to be passed in the Senate first. It will then be sent to the White House for the President’s signature. The bill also increases the 7% per country cap on family-sponsored visas to 15%. “We all know that our immigration system is flawed and has been flawed for decades,” said Lofgren, chair of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship.


In fact, the discrepancy in this is that countries with less population were allocated the same number of visas as countries with more population. In such a situation, the number of people waiting to get a green card has increased rapidly since the changes and limits were fixed in 1990.

Green card gives migrants the right to permanent residence

Getting a green card entitles immigrants to the privilege of permanently living in the US. After the new law, the biggest benefit is expected to be given to those Indian professionals who reach the US on H-1B working visa. Earlier, the Fairness for Highly Skilled Immigrants Act related to skilled workers has been passed in Parliament by 65 votes to 365. In such a situation, the expectation has also increased regarding the passage of the bill related to increasing the quota of green cards.

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