Gift of Zindagi: After 10 Years in UAE, Victim’s Families Believe; NRI saved Indian life by giving one crore ‘blood money’


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  • Victim’s Family Members Admitted After 10 Years In UAE; NRI Saves Life Of Indian By Giving One Crore ‘blood money’

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(Bex Krishnan and Yusuf Ali) Bex Krishnan said, ‘It is a rebirth for me, as I had given up all hope of being free and seeing the outside world, now my only wish is to meet Yusuf Ali before going to visit the family. is.’

  • Punishment was given in the case of death of a Sudanese youth in a road accident
  • The victim’s family had gone to Sudan, agreed to apologize after several pleas

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a case of NRI saving the life of an Indian man through ‘blood money’ has come to light. Actually, Bex Krishnan of Kerala was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of UAE in 2012. He was found guilty of negligent driving and killing a Sudanese man.

Since then, Krishnan’s family and relatives have been trying to get him acquitted. The victim’s family was not ready to pardon Krishnan, despite talks for nearly 10 years. Contact became more difficult when he returned to Sudan in January 2021. In such a situation, Krishnan’s family sought help from famous businessman and Lulu Group chief Yusuf Ali. He understood the whole matter and talked to all the parties.

After several rounds of persuasion and pleas, the victim’s family finally agreed to forgive Krishnan. After this Yusuf Ali deposited 5 lakh dirhams (about Rs 1 crore) in the court as compensation or ‘blood money’ for the release of the convict.

Now Krishnan will be able to return to Kerala to meet the family. In many countries, ‘blood money’ is considered the method of justice. This is the compensation given to the victim’s family. He pays the guilty in the case of murder. But the consent of the victim’s family is necessary in this.

This rebirth, had given up hope of seeing the outside world

Krishnan became very emotional while interacting with Indian Embassy officials in jail. He said, ‘It is a rebirth for me, because I had given up all hope of being free and seeing the world outside. Now my only wish is to meet Yusuf Ali before going to meet the family.

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