From Gulzar’s pen for Bhaskar: There is a way to avoid Kovid, it is easy to get it, there is a vaccine, you will also be safe, the country too, it is easy to live together


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  • There Is A Way To Avoid Covid, It Is Easy To Get It, There Is A Vaccine, You Will Also Be Safe, The Country Too, It Is Easy To Live Together

8 minutes agoAuthor: Deepak Anand

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Come forward and get the vaccine, because this is life, one cannot rely on the government for everything.

It is necessary to get the vaccine to avoid corona. We have to make complete preparations before the third wave. The famous poet Gulzar is telling the readers of Bhaskar that to avoid Kovid, we have to go to the village chaupal and explain to the people that vaccine is necessary.

There is a way to avoid Kovid, it is easy to get it, there is a vaccine. You too will be safe, the country too, it is easy to live together…

Get this vaccine as soon as possible. Scientists have made this vaccine to save the human race by playing on their lives. Vaccination is the only way to stop the third wave. Think and see what a great work you are doing just by getting vaccinated. Then the elders should come first for the children of their homes and get themselves vaccinated. Explain to others why the vaccine is necessary.

We have to run vaccination as a campaign. Right now the number of people getting vaccinated daily will have to increase manifold. Because the second wave has been more dangerous than the first wave all over the world, many times more. In such a situation, we have to make complete preparations before the third wave. Older people understand the responsibility of the vaccine. Otherwise, when the children start getting infected, then we will get upset. To take this movement forward, we need to look at those places where there are less educated or less aware people.

I mean even the panchayat of the villages. Ask them to sit at the brothers’ chaupals and explain that vaccine is necessary. Think of the welfare of the family, prepare the people in the neighborhood for vaccination. Don’t hesitate Mohalla committees and societies should also come forward.

Now see, in the second wave, the cases of Kovid in children increased rapidly. First small children left school, then dear friends. Now the growing fear of dangerous disease. This is a big trouble for them. Loneliness had already come in the life of children, but now it is too much. Therefore, it is now our responsibility to keep them safe in the third wave. The easiest way to do this is to vaccinate as many people as possible. Just imagine, 7-8 year old children living in isolation, studying online.


The question is, how will these children grow up in such a time and environment? These kids growing up with no human touch… It’s difficult. God forbid that if someone’s child falls ill at this time, how will you keep him alone? Such a child, that too away from his parents, brothers and sisters cannot come close to him… Thinking of this scene, one shudders in the soul.

It will affect the whole generation. Not only can it be talked about keeping children safe, but the emphasis should be on vaccines so that they are really safe. Just look at our Dr. Jaleel Parkar of Mumbai… he himself has gone through covid. These people are saying from experience that the vaccine is the most important. AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria is telling something everyday.

We should listen to them. Misconceptions about vaccines have to be cleared. We should appeal to the people not to send back the medical vans from the village. Listen to the doctors. No law can be imposed strictly, we have to explain this. Whatever the method, just make people aware of the vaccine.

Look at Bhopal’s Aarushi Sanstha, they arranged beds and oxygen for the slum dwellers in difficult times. Because it was difficult for them to get a place in the hospital. This organization is not limited to children with disabilities only. What a great example the Sikh community has set. From langar to beds for treatment… there is no question of caste anywhere. We have to open our circles in the same way.

However, there is a big question that even if people are ready for the vaccine, will they be able to get the vaccine? We should make sure that everyone gets the vaccine as soon as possible. Some sacrifices will also have to be made to the companies making the vaccine. They have to increase production by all means.

‘It is our responsibility to come forward and get the vaccine. Because this is our life. The government cannot be trusted for everything. We cannot say that the government will come, only then we will be alive. We have to get vaccinated for our children, life, family, neighbourhood, village and city. There is only one way to stop the third wave, and that is vaccination.

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