French Open 2021: Two players of men’s doubles corona infected; The spectators were thrown out in the middle of the match.


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  • French Open 2021 Two Players Of Men’s Doubles Corona Infected; FFT Roland Garros Tournament Nikola Metkic And Mate Pavic

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French Open doubles players

Two players of men’s doubles participating in the French Open 2021 have become corona infected. Both these players have been ruled out of the draw. At the same time, the spectators were thrown out in the middle of the match. In fact, the spectators were given entry in the French Open, but the French government announced the imposition of curfew late at night in view of the increasing case of Corona. After which the spectators were evicted.

So far 2,446 corona tests have been done
It has been said by the French Tennis Federation (FFT) that since the start of the qualifiers, 2,446 Tests have been conducted so far. At the same time, two players of doubles have been found corona infected. Both the players are from the same team. They have been kicked out of the draw. However, the names of the players were not disclosed by the FFT. At the same time, according to media reports, Nikola Metkic and Mate Pavik are corona infected. Doubles pair Jaime Munar and Feliciano López have also withdrawn.

World number 2 also withdrew
World No. 2 female tennis player Naami Osaka has decided to pull out of the French Open after the first match. He was fined about 10 lakh rupees (15 thousand US dollars) for not attending the press conference on Sunday. Giving this information on social media, Osaka said that she has been battling depression since the US Open in 2018. Because of this she did not attend the press conference.

Nadal, Federer and Djokovic will reach the final
This time in the French Open, only one of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic will reach the final. Because in the draw of the French Open, all three players are involved in the same half. At the same time, fans can see these three clashing with each other even before the semi-finals and final. Djokovic could face Nadal in the semi-finals.

20-20 Grand Slam for Federer and Nadal
Federer and Nadal hold the record for most 20-20 Grand Slam wins so far. Federer has won 6 Australian Open, 8 Wimbledon, 5 US Open and 1 French Open title in his career. At the same time, Nadal has won 13 French Open, 4 US Open, 2 Wimbledon and 1 US Open title.

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