Former National Security Advisor’s advice: Menon said – for India’s strength, focus on neighbors, foreign trade and active diplomacy will have to be thought


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  • Menon Said – For India’s Strength, Focus On Neighbors, Foreign Trade And Active Diplomacy Will Have To Be Thought

New Delhi44 minutes agoWriter: Shoma Choudhary

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The global economy is passing through a critical phase, so we also have to make better business policy.

  • India needs to stay connected with the world

India can perform better only when it connects with the rest of the world. But over the years we are becoming introverted. This is to say of former National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon. Menon spoke exclusively to the media platform Inquiry on relations with neighbors, foreign policy, vaccine diplomacy and his book India and Asian Geopolitics. Read the main part….


Sense of Extraordinary: History is witness that whenever we do something connected with the world, we do better. We need the world. Be it energy, investment or technology or exports. Navigation freedom or climate change alone cannot do anything in the Asia-Pacific. If you want to change the country, you have to join the world. But we haven’t done that in recent years.

India’s position in the world

Looking at the current circumstances, three things have to be re-thinking. Concentration, coherent foreign trade policy and proactive diplomacy with neighbours will have to be given a lot of attention. Relations with neighboring countries have to be strengthened. The global economy is passing through a critical period. Therefore, we also have to make a better business policy. We have to focus on the benefits without worrying about the image. It is necessary for the prosperity and security of the country.

Chinese character

With China becoming a superpower for the first time, it is in a state of dependence. 40% of its GDP is dependent on external sectors. To reduce this dependence, he has come up with CPC and OBOR. He wants to convey that the world cannot ignore him. That’s why he is putting pressure on America and India.

sympathetic to china’s attitude

The sympathy that Nehru ji had for China, today’s government has also got the same sympathy. Everyone agrees that China cheated. PM Modi invited Chinese President Jinping to his house in Ahmedabad. But what did he do in return? Nehru ji also made a mistake in making policies regarding China. He had said – there is no problem with China. He did not consider it necessary to discuss this. He did not even pressurize China to rectify the mistakes.

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