Feature Article: Sam Global University is the first choice of students in MP, the director said – we do not show students dreams of a bright future, but prepare them to make dreams come true


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  • Sam Global University Is The First Choice Of Students In MP, The Director Said We Do Not Show Students Dreams Of A B right Future, But Prepare Them To Make Dreams Come True
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Sam Global University.

Sam Global University has a distinct identity among private universities in Madhya Pradesh. Since its inception, this university has been the first choice of the students. From campus to campus placement, special attention is given to every aspect related to the students. Sam Global is telling us in detail on the aspects related to the present and future of the students in the university, the director of the institute, Eng. Preeti Saluja Mam.

1. What has been your main objective behind setting up Sam Global University?

answer- Sam Global University has been established in Bhopal city with the main objective of creating future for the children by bringing industry-oriented courses. Through Sam Global University, we want to provide excellent education of international standard in the city of Bhopal itself.

2. What are the features of Sam Global University?

answer- The course curriculum at Sam’s Global University has been designed in collaboration with industry experts, with an aim to make global-class education available at the local level. Along with this, there is an opportunity to take education with facilities like best infrastructure, modern class room, entrepreneurship cell, training and placement cell, sports complex, hostel facility etc.

3. Which courses are studied in the university?
answer- SAM students in Ayurveda, Management, Pharmacy, Education, Nursing, Paramedical, Science, IT, Arts, Commerce, Agriculture, Journalism, Engineering, Vocational Studies, Library Science, AI- Machine Learning, Data Science, Public Health, Banking & Finance You can get higher education in Psychology etc.

4. Which courses are showing the most interest of students in today’s time?
answer- In the current era, when the whole world learned the importance of medical professionals in the Kovid-19 epidemic, children have shown a different trend towards medical courses. Children are showing enthusiasm to study medicine and make a career in this field and as a result of this, many job opportunities are also visible in this field.

5. What do you think students should keep in mind while choosing a college/institution?
answer- See, children come to any college for only two reasons, firstly, how is their studies in college and secondly, how are they getting jobs after college. Both these things have always been taken care of in Sam. Our Experienced Faculty and Active Training and Placement Cell are responsible for the present and future of the children.
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6. What other courses will be available in SAM in future?
answer- With our regular and Center of Excellence courses, we are trying to bring our certificate courses in Digital Marketing, Bakery, Photography, Personal Grooming, Anchoring etc. to the students for longer duration. Along with this, we are also going to bring some more courses related to the medical field. There are also some new courses, which we will tell about soon.

7. What do you think makes Sam Global University different?
answer- The most special thing about Sam Global University is that students are the central point of every decision here. Sam is with the students at every step of their journey from education to employment.

8.What is the arrangement for placement of students passing out from the university?
answer- The Training and Placement Cell for the passing out students is looking forward to make their future bright with education fairs and jobs with the help of recruiters.

9. Keeping in view the Kovid-19, what steps have been taken in terms of security in SAM?

answer- As soon as this epidemic started, we had arranged online classes for the children. Along with this, sanitizer dispensers have been installed at every entrance and sanitization of the entire campus has been done. Social distancing is taken care of at every step and no one is allowed to enter the university without a mask.

10. What policy will you adopt for the mental health of children when they enter Sam after this pandemic?
answer- We are also looking forward to the moment when the campus will resonate with the laughter of the children. We will organize yoga and meditation classes, motivational sessions, etc. on the campus for the children, so that they can think for the future with new energy. Along with this, we will also organize short-term classes in Singing, Dance, Photography etc. for the all round development of the children so that they can think of career in other fields as well.

11. What message would you like to give to the students who are going to take admission in Sam Global University?
Ans- Would like to say to the children who join Sam that you are welcome to an institution that does not make you dream of a bright future, but prepares you to make your dreams come true. Welcome to Sam Global University.

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