FEATURE ARTICLE: If students get the right guide in career, then the path of life becomes easier, said the counselor of Sam Global University – take the right decision at the right time


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  • If Students Get The Right Guide In Career, Then The Path Of Life Becomes Easier, The Counselor Of Sam Global University Said Take The Right Decision At The Right Time

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Sam Global University.

If students get a guide showing the right direction in their career, then the path of life becomes easier. That’s why every student needs a counselor in their life. What is counseling and why is it important for students. Devendra Rewarikar Sir, Counselor of Sam Global University is telling us about this.

1. What is the importance of counseling in your view in the field of education?
answer- Counseling is meant to provide advice and guidance to the students regarding educational plans, suitable courses, college. Therefore, counseling in the field of education has special importance in giving the right direction to the career of the students.

2. What should be kept in mind while counseling UG and PG students?
answer- See, UG and PG students have very different mindset, UG kids are the ones who have just left school, they would have needed guidance from a counselor in choosing a better course and college, university for themselves in the simplest words and manner. is. PG students are those who are looking for specialization for themselves by taking graduation degree. They now want to know which course they should choose to make a career in their preferred field. We do counseling keeping in mind the needs of the students of both the categories.

3. With which subject to do graduation, which can give a better career?
answer- The subject in which to do graduation depends on the field in which the child is interested, however, the courses, which are better career options, are- Medical, Nursing, Paramedical, Pharmacy, Management, Agriculture, Mass- Communication, Engineering, Computer Application, Web Designing, Finance etc.

4. Is doing B.Tech is equally right today. As much as it used to be a decade ago?
answer- Yes, of course. BTech or Bachelor of Technology is still as golden a career field as it was before. The need of an engineer will remain at every turn on the progress path of the country. No matter which engineering field you choose, such as mechanical, civil and computer science, information technology, electrical, electronics and communication engineering, you can get better job opportunities in each field.

5. Can a career in politics be a better option?
answer- Yes, sure. Politics can prove to be a good career for all those youths who want to change the direction of society and the condition of the country. If we talk about employment opportunities in politics, then there are lakhs of posts across the country including Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, MLAs for different states, Legislative Council and Gram Sabha or Pradhan (Mukhi), Ward Councillor, Zilla Parishad, Municipal Corporation / Council in local bodies. Huh. By working on these posts, youth can change the future of themselves and the country.


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6. How should one prepare for joining the Administrative Service?
answer- Administrative service is an opportunity more than a job. Which has immense potential for social welfare. The most important thing to make a career in administrative service is that you should be determined. If you are not successful in this exam in the first time then try again with better preparation instead of looking for any other career option. The basic educational qualification for IAS exam is graduation and there are various optional subjects available in IAS exam. Here we would like to tell that in SAM, students are prepared for administrative services, as well as the faculty provides guidance to them for other competitive examinations.

7. How to know which field you are interested in?
answer- This question definitely comes in the mind of almost every child. For this, the most important thing is to know that what work you like to spend your time in, which area people like to know about, and many more questions like these when the counselor asks you the answers on your own. The children get the answer to their question. Apart from this, also try to decide where would you like to work 10 years from now? What kind of environment would you like to work in? Think about the answers to these questions in detail and make a list of related career options and then select your career and course. By doing this you will automatically know your interest. You will be able to perform better as a career in the field in which you are interested.

8. How children keep themselves positive in the current era?
answer- The current phase is difficult for everyone, but yes, the student class has been affected more than this. In such a situation, children, to keep themselves positive, read motivational books like The Alchemist, The Secret, You Can Win, etc. apart from your course, participate in webinars on good topics, share your thoughts with your family and friends, some movies Watch, play games and believe that no matter how bad times are, things do change.

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