Fear of drug mafia in Brazil: gangster killed in encounter, angry smugglers torched buses; The fear is so much that the whole city including schools is closed


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  • Gangster Killed In Encounter, Angry Smugglers Torched Buses; The Fear Is So Much That The Whole City Including Schools Is Closed

Manaus2 hours ago

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On Saturday, police killed drug smuggler Eric Batista Costa in an encounter.

  • Silence spread in Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state

Due to the wrath of the drug mafia in Brazil, a city has come to a standstill. The school has to be closed. Not only this, the mafia also burnt many buildings, banks and vehicles.

In fact, on Saturday, the police killed drug smuggler Eric Batista Costa in an encounter. He was infamous as ‘Dadinho’. When his gang mates, who were in jail, got information about the encounter, they ordered their henchmen to attack the police, so that a befitting reply could be given to the encounter.

After this the terror of the mafia started in Manaus. The attackers, who arrived with a large number of weapons, threw petrol bombs at bus stations and banks and also burnt tyres. Due to their fear, even the market was closed. According to the administration, drug smugglers targeted dozens of buses, public buildings, banks and private vehicles. A total of 21 vehicles have been burnt. Vaccine centers have also had to be closed in the city due to the violence. Due to this corona vaccination has also stopped.


Meanwhile, the mafia opened fire at the entrance of Manaus police station. A grenade was also thrown but it did not explode. 29 people have been arrested in connection with the violence. Governor Wilson Lima has asked the central government to deploy the National Guard to deal with the mafia.

Threats on social media too, people hostage in homes

The people of Manaus say that they are unable to leave their homes due to the terror of the mafia. They feel as if they have been held hostage by the mafia. He has said that the mafia is making threats on social media to get out. Because of this they are afraid to even go out.

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