Family over in a moment: 9 out of 11 people who lost their lives in building accident in Mumbai belong to the same family, only one member survived who is now looking for signs in the rubble


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Mohammad Rafi has not even drunk a sip of water since this accident. They cry and say that even if they felt that the building had become weak, they would have left it.

With the onset of monsoon, the troubles of Mumbaikars have started increasing. A four-storey building collapsed in the Malwani area of ​​Malad West late on Wednesday after a day-long rain. Its debris fell on a nearby house and a total of 11 people died. Among the dead were nine members of the family of 43-year-old Mohammad Rafi. Three of the 8 people injured in the accident are in critical condition. Rafi is now looking for the traces of his loved ones in this rubble after this accident.

After this accident, Rafi has become mad. Neighbors and people around are comforting them.

Went out to get milk, when he returned, the building was already grounded
Rafi says that around 10 pm he went out to get milk. When he returned after some time, the building was grounded. At first he could not believe his eyes, but somehow gathered the courage and started trying to remove the debris amidst the cloud of dust. However, his efforts were insufficient and by morning the bodies of nine members of his family were in front of his eyes.

His three innocent nieces are also among the dead.

His three innocent nieces are also among the dead.

Of the 9 people who lost their lives, 6 were children.
Among the 9 people of Rafi’s family who died were his wife, brother-in-law and their 6 children. Rafi’s nephew was only one and a half years old. He sat there the whole night in a state of misery and watched the dead bodies of his loved ones come out in front of his eyes. “We didn’t think the building was dilapidated, otherwise we would have left it already,” he said. Rafi and his brother lived with the entire family in three small rooms on the third floor of the building.


Rafi lost these close friends in this accident

  • Shafiq Mohammed Salim Siddiqui (45)
  • Tauseef Shafiq Siddiqui (15)
  • Alisha Shafiq Siddiqui (10)
  • Alifsha Shafiq Siddiqui (1.5)
  • Haseena Shafiq Siddiqui (6)
  • Ishrat Banu Rafi Siddiqui (40)
  • Rahisha Banu Shafiq Siddiqui (40)
  • Tahis Shafiq Siddiqui (12)
  • John Irrann (13)
BMC personnel are constantly trying to clear the pile of debris.

BMC personnel are constantly trying to clear the pile of debris.

BMC did not declare this building as dangerous
3 to 4 families lived in this building. However, two families had moved from here a few days back. According to BMC sources, this building, built in the New Collector’s Compound on Abdul Hameed Road, had weakened during the ‘Tau Te’ cyclone before the rain on Wednesday. A few days ago, the BMC team had declared 21 buildings dangerous after conducting a structural audit of hundreds of buildings. However, this building was not in that list. Had this also been audited, a major accident would have been averted today.

BJP is saying – this is not an accident, it is a murder
BJP leader Ram Kadam is blaming Shiv Sena for this accident. He says, “The accident happened due to the negligence of the Shiv Sena-ruled BMC. This is not an accident but a murder. After the accident, the government announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to heal the victims. CM Uddhav Thackeray also reached Shatabdi Hospital in Mumbai with his son to inquire about the condition of the injured, where the crying injured narrated their condition to him.

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