Experience of recovery from Kovid-19: Kangana Ranaut said – When she came out after coming out of the test negative, felt herself sick and reached the bed


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Kangana Ranaut is in Manali these days and is spending quality time with family. When Kangana was in Mumbai before going to the home town, she was in the grip of corona infection. However, she recovered by staying in home isolation. Now he has shared his experience regarding the recovery of C orona by sharing a video. According to the actress, Corona gives hope of false recovery and due to this people are dying. According to Kangana, when she came out of the house two days after the test negative, she started feeling sick again and went to bed.


What did Kangana say in the video?
Kangana is saying in the video- My corona experience was similar to that of common cold. But the things that happened in recovery I had never felt before. Often we have seen that since childhood, whenever we are sick, I was very jaundiced, then had a lot of accidents, in which I was in bed for one and a half years, my leg was broken, so we have always seen that When our body starts recovering from this type of accident, then it goes on recovering. Either in a short time or a long time. But the shocking thing I realized in Corona is that it gives you a false recovery.

Within a day or two after my test came negative, I started feeling like I was 100% cured. I can do any work. Be it workouts, acting shifts or work with friends, to talk. I started feeling that with the ability I used to do earlier, now I can do all these things with the same ability. But that was a false recovery.

As soon as I left the house or tried to do something, I came to know that I am falling prey to the disease again. I am going to bed again. Feels like I can’t even get out of bed. Mild sore throat has also started and it seems that the fever has almost started coming.

There is no doubt that this virus is genetically modified, treated. Because it mutes its natural response against damages (organ failure, brain fog, heart attack, etc.) occurring inside our body. This gives a false hope of recovery and due to this people are suddenly dying of organ failure or respiratory problems. Therefore, the more important it is to fight the corona, the more important is the recovery period.

I think after you come negative, this virus starts doing real work in the body. On the basis of conversations with many doctors and corona patients, I would like to say that do not ignore the recovery period. Keep your streaming on as well. But rest is very important. Let’s beat this virus. Thank you. Jai Hind.

Information about being positive was given on May 8
On May 8, Kangana had informed about her being Kovid positive. Sharing a photo of herself in yoga posture, she wrote, ‘I was feeling tired and weak for the past few days. There was also a slight burning in the eyes. Was thinking of going to Himachal, so got the corona test done yesterday, today the report has come positive. I have quarantined myself. I had no idea that this virus was partying in my body. Now I know, then I will demolish it.” 10 days after this, i.e. on May 18, she had told on social media that her corona test had come negative. On May 20, she left for Manali from Mumbai.

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