Exemption of foreign vaccine: Moderna, why do we have mercy on Pfizer, Adar Poonawalla said- Government should have mercy on us too


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  • All The Vaccine Companies. Should Get Indemnity Protection Against Liabilities; Says Serum Institute Of India SII

New Delhi8 minutes ago

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Serum Institute of India (SII), which manufactures CoveShield after Pfizer and Moderna, has also sought legal protection. The company has said that the law should be equal for all. If legal protection is being provided to foreign vaccine companies, then they should also get this facility.

Company sources told ANI that not only this Serum Institute, but every company producing the vaccine in the country should be given protection. Let us tell you that Serum Institute is producing Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine in India under the name of Covishield.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that many countries have given these facilities to vaccine companies. India also has no problem in providing this facility. Foreign companies applying for emergency approval can get this facility.

What facilities do Pfizer and Moderna want?
Several rounds of talks have taken place between the Indian government and Pfizer and Moderna regarding the vaccine deal. Pfizer also issued a statement saying that talks are going on with India regarding the vaccine and its results will be out soon.

The matter regarding the vaccine deal is stuck at one place. In fact, companies have sought assurance of legal protection from many governments including the US, UK. Now Pfizer is making the same demand in India. Companies want that after the vaccine is administered, if there is any kind of legal screw up, then the company will not be responsible for it. The central government has to come forward for this.

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