Europe Unlocked: Europe ready to host tourists after a year; 20 countries will open, many issued travel guideline


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  • Europe Ready To Host Tourists After A Year; 20 Countries Will Open, Many Issued Travel Guideline

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For the first time in March 2020, the doors of the European Union were closed to the outside world because of the Corona virus.

  • Europe is opening to the world including America due to reduced infection and vaccination

Europe, which was closed for tourists due to the Corona epidemic, is now slowly opening up. After about a year, the unlock process has started for tourists from America and other countries in Europe. However, tourists have to take care of some rules and regulations. Europe was the hotspot of the Corona epidemic last year.

However, as vaccination is gaining momentum there, the pace of the epidemic is slowing down. Many countries here have removed or are removing the restrictions applicable to travel. Of these, Britain is in a completely unlocked state after immunizing most of the population.

The government plans to unlock Britain from 21 June. 20 out of 30 countries in Europe are being unlocked. Hotels, restaurants, tourist places and international tours are being opened with rules and conditions in Italy, Spain and France, which are the worst hit by Corona. Major activities are expected to start in a week. It is worth noting that for the first time in March 2020, the doors of the European Union were closed to the outside world due to Corona.


A Look at Existing Entry Rules in Popular European Countries

France: Only people who have had valid vaccines are allowed to come

France India, d. Tourists from 16 countries including Africa and Brazil have been banned. Vaccines are allowed. But it has to be kept in mind that vaccines must be approved by the EU. France’s borders reopened from Wednesday. People from outside Europe and other countries have been allowed to come with negative reports of RT-PCR.

Italy: Kovid test and 10-day quarantine mandatory

Italy has been opened to Americans since mid-May. However, there is a rule to stay quarantine for 10 days upon arrival here. Kovid-19 test is also necessary before coming here. Italy also started allowing tourists from Britain and Israel last month. They will have to tell the negative report of Kareena, which is not more than 48 hours old.

Greece: Vaccine certificate and negative report must be shown

Tourism-dependent Greece began opening the border to American travelers in April. Now people from China, Britain and 20 other countries have also been given permission. Everyone will have to give a vaccine certificate or negative report of RT-PCR. Although this directive expires on June 14, it may be extended.

Spain: Entry only to those who have got vaccinated, ban on Indians

Spain on Monday allowed people who have been vaccinated from the US and most countries to come. Approved by WHO and those who get Chinese vaccines are also allowed. The ban on those coming from India, Brazil and South Africa is still in force. Tourists from low-risk countries have also been allowed to come.

UK: 10 days isolation mandatory, discussion on flight

Currently, there are only a few American tourists in the UK. 10 days isolation is necessary for foreigners. Discussions are going on about starting flight service from America. PM Barris Johnson can discuss with US President Joe Biden during the G-7 meeting. However, due to the delta nature, caution is being exercised.

EU: Work on digital travel certificate in progress, started in some countries

The European Union has no COVID tourism policy. But it is working on a combined digital travel certificate for those who have been vaccinated. Spain, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Poland have started using the combined digital travel certificate system.

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