Ekadashi 2021 Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat Know Why We Do Not Eat Rice On Ekadashi Vrat


Ekadashi 2021: Ekadashi Vrat is said to be of great importance in Hinduism. It is said that observing this fast not only destroys sins but also attains salvation. This fast is observed every month on the Ekadashi tithi of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. There are also some special rules related to every fast which must be followed. Similarly, there are some rules related to Ekadashi fasting, one of which is that rice should not be consumed on this day and rice is not made on this day in the house of those who observe this fast. We all know about this rule, but probably not everyone knows what is the reason behind it.

This is the religious reason for not eating rice on Ekadashi
If seen from the religious point of view, rice has been included in the vengeful food. While the fast of Ekadashi is kept for the purpose of controlling the mind and all the senses. In such a situation, eating rice on this day is forbidden. It is told in the Puranas that when Maharishi Medha left his body, he was born as rice, due to which rice is considered alive. This is the reason why the consumption of rice is prohibited on this day.


For this reason also keep distance from rice on Ekadashi day
Another reason for not eating rice on Ekadashi fast is believed to be that rice is rich in water and the effect of the moon on water is most visible, the moon is also associated with the mind, so on this day rice is consumed. It has a direct effect on the mind, due to which one has to face a lot of difficulties in fulfilling the rules of fasting. Therefore, on this day rice is said to be prohibited.

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