Egg Demand High Again In June Amid Coronavirus Latest Crisis | Bird flu reduced the consumption of eggs in January and February, but the return of Corona increased the price along with the demand.


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The demand for eggs has increased once again due to the return of the corona epidemic in the country. This has increased the retail price of an egg to Rs 6-7, which was selling around Rs 5 during January and February. Because during that time both egg consumption and production were affected by bird flu.

Demand increased rapidly due to the availability of high protein items at low prices
OP Choudhary, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Poultry and Dairy, says that it is advisable to include rich protein food eggs in the diet for those infected with Kovid-19. Because eggs have 11% protein content, people are fiercely buying this high protein item available at a low price. As a result, the consumption of eggs has increased in the last few months.

Bird flu reduced demand, but with the return of the epidemic, consumption increased again
The government has not given any estimate on the consumption of eggs on a monthly basis. However, Indian Broiler Group Managing Director Gulrej Alam said that the average per capita egg consumption on monthly basis was 7 in June, which has come down to 4 due to bird flu. However, the demand for eggs increased in the second wave of Corona and in March 2021, the consumption of eggs per person increased to 7.


He said that the positive growth in demand was more in urban areas than in rural areas. Prasanna Padgaonkar, general manager, Venky’s, an egg trading company, says that egg is still the lowest priced protein item.

Egg consumption per capita stood at 79 during the financial year 2018-19
In India, 86 eggs were eaten per person during 2019-20. Last year, there was a consumption of 79 eggs per person. Alam said that in the last lockdown, the demand for eggs and chicken had decreased during April-May. However, it started showing improvement during June to December. But in 2021, during January-February, bird flu had a bad effect on demand.

According to government data, egg production in India stood at 140 billion during 2019-20, up from 103 billion in 2018-19. 98% of the total production of eggs is consumed in the country itself. In the financial year 1985-86, 16.1 billion eggs were produced. Due to the Corona epidemic, the business of companies doing egg business has also increased by 100% i.e. double in the last few months on a monthly basis. Because there has been increased vigilance among customers regarding health and immunity.

Talking about the cost of an egg, the retail price of an egg without packing is 7 to 8 rupees. Packaged branded eggs cost Rs 10 or more. Although the price also depends on the area.

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