Efforts to honor talent: Center is looking for unsung heroes for Padma awards, asks states to form special search committee


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  • Padma Vibhushan Award; Narendra Modi Modi Asks States To Set Up Committees To Find Unsung Heroes

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The window to apply for the Padma Awards will remain open from June 1 to September 15 on the online portal padmaawards.gov.in.

The Central Government has started the process of nomination of Padma Awards. The emphasis of the government is to select such people for this, who have not been paid attention till now despite their extraordinary contribution. For this, the Center has asked all the states to form a special search committee to find such talented people who can be nominated for the Padma awards. The Narendra Modi government has already honored many such anonymous people with Padma awards.

On this issue, the Union Home Ministry had sent a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all the states and union territories. The government has opened the window to apply for Padma awards from June 1 to September 15 at the online portal padmaawards.gov.in. These awards will be announced on the eve of Republic Day, 2022.

Recognition of talent will enhance the prestige of the awards
According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been seen in the past that a large number of nominations are received from such people, who are talented but their identity is not revealed in the society. Many such people are ignored because they do not want publicity.

RK Singh, Joint Secretary, Home Ministry, has written in the letter that it is requested to make concerted efforts to identify such people, whose talent and achievements should be recognized. Nominate in his favor. Needless to say that recognition of such deserving people will enhance the prestige of these awards. It is suggested that a special search committee be formed to identify such people. Your recommendation and nomination should be finalized after considering their names.

One criterion for selection – Excellence Plus
The states were told that while finalizing the recommendations, it should be kept in mind that those recommended are eligible for the award considering their lifetime achievements.
The criteria for selection should always be ‘Excellence Plus’. The highest standards should be applied while recommending people for these awards.


Posthumous award is also considered
The letter said that the Padma award is the second highest civilian award in the country. Therefore, it should also be considered whether the person recommended has previously been awarded any National Award or State Award in its field. Specially such talented people from amongst women, weaker sections of the society, SC and ST and differently abled should be identified who are deserving of the award.
In highly deserving cases, the government may also consider awarding posthumously. It is proposed to announce the award if the person to be honored has died recently, such as within a year before the Republic Day. The award may also be given to people who have previously received an award, provided that at least 5 years have elapsed since it. Government employees working in PSUs except doctors and scientists are not eligible for Padma Awards.

have to apply like this
The format given on the portal should contain all the necessary information regarding nominations or recommendations. It should describe the achievement or contribution of that person in 800 words. While recommending a person online, it should be ensured that all the essentials are given properly.

People related to these fields can apply
The Padma Awards (Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri) are among the highest civilian awards in the country. These are given to people who have achieved extraordinary achievements in all fields such as arts, literature and education, sports, medicine, social work, science and engineering, public affairs, civil service, trade and industry.

Apart from the state governments, union territory administrations, central ministries, NGOs and individuals themselves can also send their nominations for the Padma awards.

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