Effect of Covaxin V / S Coveshield debate: Bharat Biotech said – will test the fourth phase of the vaccine, so that the reality of its effect comes to the world


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Hyderabad4 hours ago

Corona vaccine maker Bharat Biotech has said that it will trial the fourth phase of Covaxin. The company has taken this decision after the controversy in which CoveShield was being said to be better than Covaxin. The company said that we will publish the results of the third phase of the trial of Covaxin in July. The fourth trial will also be done, so that the reality of the effect of our vaccine in the world comes to the fore.

Let us understand in question and answer the need for the fourth phase trial and To this whole controversy…

What did the new report say about Covaxin and CoveShield?
Between January and May, 515 health care workers were vaccinated. Of these, 452 were fitted with Coveshield and 90 Covaxin. This was a pre-print study. Its data revealed that after two doses of CoVeShield against Sars-CoV-2, the virus that spreads corona, more antibodies were produced than Covaxin. This study is being called real-world data of vaccines present in the country.

Where and how did the debate begin?
Dr. Ratches Alla, Business Development Head, Bharat Biotech, opposed the study on social media. He said that this study also has its limitations. This is not a study based on scientific facts and figures.

In response to this, Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh, who was involved in the study, said that the vaccine is being administered in the whole country without the results of Phase III trials. We are thankful for Bharat Biotech’s efforts, but that doesn’t mean pointing fingers at each other. We will publish the study data.

Center stand on CoveShield V/S Covaxin?
Covaxin and CoveShield are manufactured differently and thus cannot be compared.

What does Bharat Biotech have to say on Phase IV trials?
Bharat Biotech has said that data on the results of the third trial will be published in July. First this data will be sent to the Central Drug Standard Control Organization. After this it will be sent to the experts for review. Then Bharat Biotech will apply for full license.

So far the overall efficacy of the vaccine is 78%. This affiliation against hospitalization is 100%. After this, trials of the fourth phase can be done, so that it can be made clear that Covaxin meets every stringent standard.

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