Don’t be deceived: It’s not Shahrukh Khan, this is his lookalike Ibrahim Qadri, spends 25 thousand rupees every month to look like SRK


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These days Shahrukh Khan’s duplicate Ibrahim Qadri is dominating social media. Ibrahim Qadri, who looks like Shahrukh Khan and shows similar gestures, hails from Junagadh, Gujarat. You will be surprised to know that Qadri spends 25 thousand rupees every month to look like Shahrukh and also charges 35-40 thousand rupees for every show. Dainik Bhaskar’s team has a special conversation with him. Read the highlights of the conversation…

Ibrahim Qadri The original artist is Ibrahim Qadri,
Qadri, who lives with his brother and sister-in-law in Junagadh, is an artist by profession. Apart from advertising sketches, he also specializes in creating spectacular paintings. Ibrahim Qadri says that when Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Deewana’ was released, friends started calling him Shahrukh Khan. After this, many big films like Shahrukh’s ‘Darr’, ‘Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ came. Shahrukh became very popular in Bollywood and he was accompanied by Qadri in Junagadh. Wherever he passed, people called him Shahrukh Khan.

Ibrahim Qadri during one of his visits to Mumbai.

Ibrahim Qadri during one of his visits to Mumbai.

Qadri says, “Even though people used to call me Shahrukh Khan at that time, but I did not take that thing so seriously. Because, to some extent, my face resembled that of Shahrukh, but I was overweight in comparison to him. I used to spend all my time in sketching and painting. Yes, I used to go to see every film of Shahrukh Khan with friends. But I never thought that one day I would become so famous.

New twist in life after ‘Raees’
Qadri says, “Time passed and my life also went on as usual. But in 2017 came Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Raees’. In this film Shahrukh Khan was seen with a beard and mustache. Shortly before the film’s release. Previously, my beard and mustache were exactly his. When the film released, I went to watch a movie with friends. When I came out of the theatre, people were staring at me. For a while I found it very strange. Then My friends started telling me that after seeing Shahrukh Khan in the film, if you look at him, it seems that Shahrukh Khan is standing with us.”

Ibrahim Qadri during a workout session at the gym.

Ibrahim Qadri during a workout session at the gym.

Qadri further explains, “After this incident, I also started working on my dress and gesture to look like Shahrukh. I started trying to look like Shahrukh Khan. , I started working out. At first I didn’t know how to act and dance. But, I practiced to dance, style and speak like Shahrukh Khan at home. I did all this on YouTube. Tried to learn by watching. Till now I used to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s movies as his fan. But, now I started watching his movies again to copy him. I practiced a lot to speak like him too.”

Posed like Shahrukh Khan
Recalling an incident, Qadri says, “Once I went to a wedding. There people told me to dance like Shahrukh. But I could not dance like him so well. Then people said that good Don’t just dance, but have to give a pose like him.I tried my best to give a pose like him.

Crowds of people gathered in the stadium
Qadri says, “In 2017 a match was played between Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Lions in an IPL match at Khanderi Stadium in Rajkot. A friend took my ticket and we went to watch the match together. When I entered the stadium, my A lot of people gathered around. People started thinking of me as Shahrukh and then started shouting by name Shahrukh-Shahrukh, started taking selfies with me. The most surprising thing was that real Shahrukh Khan was also standing in the stand and watching the match. Took selfie with everyone for hours and did not tell anyone that I am not Shahrukh Khan. However, then I got scared and I told this to the security guards. Meanwhile local police came and told them that people were standing around me. When I am not Shahrukh Khan, but just like him. Hearing this, the policemen also started taking selfies with me. Seeing the crowd increasing, we left without watching the match. People started following us. I saw some people were running after the car.”

Outside Mannat in Mumbai, people were competing for selfies with Ibrahim Qadri as Shah Rukh Khan.

Outside Mannat in Mumbai, people were competing for selfies with Ibrahim Qadri as Shah Rukh Khan.

People started taking selfies outside the vow
Ibrahim says, “In 2017 I went to Mumbai on Shahrukh Khan’s birthday (November 2). I had reached Mannat to meet Shahrukh. There was tight security, but I was neither stopped by Maharashtra Police nor any other security personnel. Those people thought that I was the real Shahrukh Khan. People present there also understood that I was Shahrukh. Even the bouncers standing outside started thinking that how did Shahrukh come out without security. However, here too when I was in the crowd. When he started getting surrounded, he ran away as soon as he got the chance.

Show offers come from abroad
Ibrahim Qadri first shared many videos on YouTube looking like Shahrukh Khan. After playing the video here, it was also shared on other platforms of social media. After becoming famous all over Gujarat, Ibrahim Qadri participated in programs in many cities of Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Una, Amreli, Rajkot, Junagadh, Veraval. He has also done many shows in Mumbai, Aurangabad, Delhi and Poona. Many shows abroad have had to be canceled due to Corona. Qadri says that many offers are coming to him to do shows in Canada, Israel, Dubai, Indonesia, Germany and other countries.

Ibrahim Qadri showing his painting.

Ibrahim Qadri showing his painting.

Loss of lakhs of rupees due to lockdown
Ibrahim Qadri charges 35-40 thousand rupees for marriage, birthday party or opening in Gujarat and 90 thousand to 1 lakh rupees outside Gujarat. He has suffered a loss of 10 to 12 lakh rupees from Corona. They make their video clips on demand and send them to the wedding, birthday party. The cost of these video clips is 15 to 20 thousand rupees.

expensive to look like shahrukh khan
Qadri explains, “However, looking like Shahrukh is very expensive and hard work too. For this I have to do regular exercise. I have to take heavy protein supplements. 20 to 25 thousand a month along with many other such expenses. costs.”

Shahrukh does not mind if the film is a flop
Shahrukh Khan was last seen in the film ‘Zero’ in 2018. The film was a superflop. It is said that as long as the star moves, its duplicate can also run. When asked about this, Ibrahim Qadri said, “Shah Rukh Khan has achieved everything he had to achieve. Now it doesn’t matter for Shah Rukh Khan whether his film works or not. For the fans, he is today. He is a superstar too. Just like Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t care. Similarly, I don’t care too.”

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