Dispute on Will: Wajid Khan’s wife Kamalrukh in High Court against Sajid Khan and his mother, said – only me and children are entitled to husband’s property


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Kamalrukh Khan, wife of late music composer Wajid Khan, has approached the Bombay High Court against brother-in-law Sajid Khan and mother-in-law Rajina. He has filed a petition in the court regarding Wajid’s will and has demanded a permanent injunction against Sajid and Rajina. According to reports, Wajid had made a will in 2012. Kamalrukh has claimed that Wajid had only entitled him and his children to his property.

Court seeks property details from Sajid and Rajina
It is being told that the court has ordered Sajid Khan and his mother Rajina to provide the details of the property. The total assets are said to be Rs 16 crore. It also includes paintings of famous painters, whose price according to Kamalrukh is Rs 8 crore.

Kamalrukh has claimed that he married Wajid Khan in 2003 under the Special Marriage Act. But the Khan family never accepted him and his children as family. Since the death of her husband, Kamalrukh has been continuously struggling to get her share of the property and now wants to protect the interests of her children.

Wajid Khan died of Corona in June 2020
Famous musician duo Sajid-Wajid fame Wajid Khan said goodbye to the world on 1 June 2020 due to Corona infection. About 6 months after this, Kamalrukh made serious allegations against the family. Kamalrukh had claimed in a conversation that Wajid was very upset in his last days. Because due to Corona lockdown, he was not able to meet his family members.


Kamalrukh had said, “Wajid was a wonderful person and a talented musician but he had only one drawback, that was he was not strong minded, he used to get into people’s conversations quickly, anyone could easily impress him, Especially in the matter of faith.” Kamalrukh had revealed that he also had fights over this matter. Wajid also threatened to divorce him if he did not change religion in 2014. Kamalrukh further said that because he She remained silent, because Wajid’s career was at stake at that time.

Why didn’t Wajid’s family accept Kamalrukh?
Describing this, Kamal Rukh wrote in one of his social media posts, “My simple Parsi upbringing was very democratic. This freedom, education and value system after marriage was the biggest problem for my husband’s family. One read- A well-written, free-spirited woman who has her own point of view was not acceptable. And it was not right for her to resist the pressures of conversion.”

According to Kamalrukh, he has always respected and celebrated every religion. But when she opposed the conversion to Islam, there was a rift in her and her husband’s relationship. He wrote, “My dignity and self-respect did not allow me to bow down before him and his family to convert to Islam.” Kamal Rukh and Wajid Khan have two children, daughter Arshi and son Rehaan. Daughter was born in 2004 and son was born in 2011.

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