Diesel Costlier By 35% In 1 Year As Narendra Modi Government Increase Msp Paddy Of Paddy Kharif Crops | Diesel became costlier by 35% in the last 1 year, while the MSP of paddy did not increase by even 4%


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  • Diesel Costlier By 35% In 1 Year As Narendra Modi Government Increase Msp Paddy Of Paddy Kharif Crops

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The government has increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Kharif crops. The MSP of paddy (general) has been increased from Rs 1,868 per quintal last year to Rs 1,940 per quintal, i.e. Rs 72 more. However, the farmers are not happy with this. He says that due to the increased diesel prices, paddy cultivation is no longer beneficial. Farmer Dharmendra Sharma of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh says that cultivating paddy only through electricity gives benefits.

No benefit in paddy cultivation through diesel
Dharmendra Sharma says that if you do paddy through a diesel pump, then you have to spend about 100 liters of diesel to sow 1 bigha. Right now diesel has even crossed Rs 96 per liter. That is, for 1 bigha of paddy, your diesel cost was Rs 9600.

After this, 8 thousand rupees are spent on works like fertilizing, plowing the field and sprinkling of medicine. At the same time, 7 to 8 quintals of paddy are in 1 bigha. Even if we assume 8 quintals, then according to the new MSP, it costs Rs 15,520. At the same time, the cost of farming from diesel will be 17600, which is more than the MSP. That is, the farmer will have to bear the loss.

forced to run pump with kerosene

The village usually gets lights for 10 to 11 hours and there are also 3 to 4 days in a month when there is no light for the whole day, in such a situation the water pump is pumped through kerosene (kerosene). It is available at Rs 30 to 40 a litre. In such a situation, when there is no light, water is supplied to the field by running a pump through it.

The only benefit from the cultivation of paddy through light
Farmer Dharmendra Sharma says that the electricity department deducts a receipt of Rs 6500 for the cultivation of paddy. With this, you can run a pump with a light to give water to the paddy field. The cost of cultivation in this way is up to 9 thousand rupees per bigha. In this way, cultivating paddy by giving water in the field makes a profit of 600 to 700 rupees per quintal here.


MSP did not increase by even 4% in last 1 year but diesel became costlier by 35%
Dharmendra Sharma says that in the last 1 year the MSP has not increased even by 4% but here diesel has become 35% less expensive. In such a situation, if a farmer cultivates paddy on the basis of diesel, then even his cost will not come out. On June 10, 2020, diesel was around Rs 71 per liter here, which has now gone above Rs 96.

Government is charging huge tax on diesel
Petrol and diesel are not expensive in our country, but after the taxation of the government, it becomes very expensive. The base price of diesel in our country is still close to Rs 38. But the central and state governments tax it and bring it to Rs 100.

On this, the central government is charging Rs 32 excise duty. After this, the state governments charge VAT and cess on their own, after which their price has increased by two and a half times the base price. In Delhi, more than Rs 44 tax is collected on diesel.

Highest consumption of diesel in the transport and agriculture sector
The largest consumption of diesel in India is in the transport and agriculture sector. These two sectors are most affected when the price rises. Due to the increase in the price of diesel, it has become expensive to bring it from agriculture to the market. This can spoil the budget of both the common man and the farmer.

Farmers get subsidy in diesel
Senior economist Vrinda Jagirdar says that the government should make efforts to increase the income of the farmer. For this the government should give subsidy on diesel to the farmers. For this, the government should work by making a right system. This will increase the income of the farmers.

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