Did aspirin benefit patients hospitalized with COVID-19? Know the results of the research


aspirin did not help in the treatment of covid-19

28 days later the mortality rate in both groups was 17 percent

Researchers found in research, "There was no evidence that aspirin treatment reduced mortality." And "There was no clear difference in the number of people who died." After 28 days of hospital treatment, the mortality rate in both the groups was 17 percent. Although the use of aspirin slightly increased the patient’s chance of survival, this is not enough to justify its widespread use for patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Professor Martin Lindray, a member of the research team, described the research results as disappointing.

he said, "There is a strong indication that blood clotting may be responsible for lung function impairment and death in patients with severe COVID-19. Aspirin is a widely used and inexpensive drug to reduce the risk of blood clots among other diseases. Therefore, the results are disappointing that those patients did not get any significant benefit from its use. The results of the research on aspirin have not been published in any journal, but have been released on the pre-print server medRxiv.

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