Demand to stop vaccine trial on children: Petition in Delhi High Court – trial of covaccine on children of 2 to 18 years is like genocide, trial should be stopped immediately


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  • Covaxin Trial On Children Of 2 18 Year Olds Corona Vaccine Child Trail Amounts To Homicide Plea In Delhi High Court

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The petitioner said that the trial of the vaccine on children can have a bad effect on their health. It can also affect their mental health. -file photo

A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court regarding the vaccine trial on children aged 2 to 18 years. It states that the trial of Kovid vaccine on this age group is tantamount to genocide and should be stopped immediately. The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) had approved Bharat Biotech for trials on children of Covaxin.

Petitioner Sanjeev Kumar said that this application is before the High Court. In this notice has also been sent to the Center and Bharat Biotech. Despite this, vaccine trials have been started on children since June.

It is wrong to call children volunteers, they cannot understand the consequences – petitioner
Sanjeev said, “The court has not given a stay on the petition during its hearing. Despite this, the Center has started the trials. The next hearing of this matter will be on July 15. In this, the Center can tell the court that the trials have been done. In such a situation, the purpose of filing the petition will be lost. There is concern that the trial of the vaccine on children may have a bad effect on their health. It may also affect their mental health.


The children on whom the vaccine is being tested cannot be called volunteers. These children do not have the ability to understand the results of this trial. Vaccine trials on healthy children would be like genocide. If the life of an innocent is lost in this trial, then the people involved in the trial and the person who allowed it should be tried criminally.

Trial will be done on 525 healthy volunteers – Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health had said that this vaccine will be tried on 525 healthy volunteers. They will be given two doses of the vaccine. These volunteers will be given the second dose 28 days after the first dose. Covaxin will be used during the trial. This vaccine is currently being used in the ongoing vaccination drive in the country. Apart from this, the second vaccine is Serum Institute’s Coveshield. Which is being used for vaccination.

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