Delhi government in the dock on vaccination: Court asked – second dose of Covaxin was not available, so why opened the vaccination center loudly?


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New Delhi9 hours ago

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Amidst the shortage of vaccine, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday made a strong comment on the Kejriwal government. The court asked the state government that if the second dose of Covaxin was not available, then why were the vaccination centers opened loudly? If you cannot provide the vaccine made by Bharat Biotech to the people in due time, then so many vaccination centers should not have been opened. In the matter, the High Court has issued a notice to the Delhi Government and has also sought a response.

notice to the center
Justice Rekha Palli has issued a notice to the Delhi government asking it to clarify whether it can provide the second dose to those who have taken the first dose of Covaxin before the deadline of 6 weeks is over. Apart from this, the court has also issued notice to the central government in relation to two other petitions that Coveshield and second dose of Covaxin should be made available in the capital.

Kejriwal government has been accusing the Center
Earlier, it has been accusing the Modi government of the shortage of vaccine in Delhi. In this regard, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had also written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi advising him to increase the vaccine production. He had alleged that the Center has put all the responsibility on the states to protect themselves.

Only 8 lakh vaccines will be available in June
Kejriwal had told that Delhi needs 80 lakh vaccines every month, but against this we have got only 16 lakh vaccines in May. The Center has further reduced Delhi’s quota for June. In June, we will be given only 8 lakh vaccines. If 8 lakh vaccines are received from the center every month, then it will take more than 30 months for the youth of Delhi to get the vaccine. Till then it is not known how many waves will come and how many people will die.

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