Daughter-in-law is like a nebula of Assam: carrying Corona positive father-in-law on his back walked 2 km, no one came forward to help


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A photo of 24-year-old Niharika Das, a resident of Nagaon, Assam, is going viral on social media. In this, she is seen carrying her Corona positive father-in-law on her back. Niharika walked about 2 km carrying her father-in-law on her back. During this people took photos, but no one came forward to help. After the photo went viral, people are now calling Niharika the ideal daughter-in-law.

Actually, on June 2, symptoms of corona were seen in Niharika’s father-in-law Thuleshwar Das. Thuleshwar is a betel nut vendor in Bhatigaon of Raha area. When her health deteriorated, daughter-in-law Niharika arranged a rickshaw to take her to Raha’s health center, 2 km away.

Took father-in-law to the auto rickshaw stand on his back
Niharika said that there is no such road for auto rickshaw to reach her house. The condition of father-in-law was also not worth walking. My husband lives in Siliguri for work. In such a situation, I had no option but to take my father-in-law on the back. I took my father-in-law to the auto stand. Niharika also has a 6 year old son.

Even to take the city to the private vehicle, the father-in-law had to be carried on his back.
According to the daughter-in-law, the troubles did not end here. Father-in-law’s test came positive in the health center. Describing the condition of father-in-law as critical, the doctor asked him to take him to Kovid Hospital, Nagaon, 21 km away. He was not given an ambulance or a stretcher from the health center. After that I arranged for a private car. For this too, I had to walk a long distance carrying my father-in-law on my back. People were staring, but no one helped. The father-in-law had almost fainted. It took me a lot of mental and physical strength to lift them.


Father-in-law had to climb stairs by carrying him on his back
Niharika said that even after reaching Nagaon, I had to climb the stairs carrying my father-in-law on my back to Kovid Hospital. There I asked for help, but no one came forward. I think I walked for about 2 km that day carrying my father-in-law on my back. During this, someone must have taken a photo of Niharika.

Felt alone and completely broken: Niharika
Niharika is also corona positive. She is being touted as the ideal daughter-in-law on social media. He is being praised everywhere. From local news channels to big journalists are contacting him. Niharika is happy with this. He said that everyone should help each other. However, Niharika said that there is one thing missing in the photo, that is, I felt alone and completely broken at that time.

could not save father-in-law
This story of Assam has exposed the health condition of the village. Niharika said that she did not even find an ambulance in the village. Had to bring the city in a small van. The good thing is that during this time the father-in-law did not need oxygen. However, both were referred to the Medical College in Guwahati on June 5, where Thuleshwar Das died on Monday.

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