Credit Suisse report claims, half of India’s population may have corona antibodies


The report of Global Brokerage House, Credit Suisse is comforting.. This is good news for the people of India battling the Kovid epidemic, in which it has been estimated that almost all of our country’s population has antibodies to fight this disease. According to Nilkanth Mishra, the higher officer of the organization, there have been signs of herd immunity against Kovid in many districts of India.

Accurate information will be available only from sero survey< /strong>

Although the indications are coming that the ongoing campaign against corona in the country is helping to stop it from spreading, but still Neelkanth Mishra believes that the claim about herd immunity is yet to be done. Can’t say anything because for this the exact result can be reached only by the use of sero survey ..

strong indications of antibody formation in half the population

Neelkanth Mishra, co-head of Credit Suisse’s Asia Pacific Strategy and Equity India Strategist, says that according to the company’s calculations, about 77 crore citizens in India are affected by Kovid. There is a sign of against Andibodies and it is equivalent to almost half of India’s population.


Reduction in Kovid will boost the economy

Mishra also said this Said that this will have a direct impact on the country’s GDP because the country will not have to bear the brunt of the lockdown due to the reduction in Kovid cases and the development of antibodies and this will help in getting the country’s economy back on track with a strong increase in our GDP. Mishra expressed hope that the way the number of Kovid patients is coming down now, it will help in opening the lockdown faster and its benefit will be visible on the country’s GDP. But Mishra insisted that “Actually this is just a guess. Its accurate assessment is the next most important step. That’s why we recommend a nationwide seroprevalence study related to this report.”

correct results from more tests in the second wave

Mishra said that Kovid A higher proportion of positive tests occurred in the second wave than in the first wave. This shows that this time the process of making antibodies in the human body is more than the previous wave.


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