Covid-19: Patients living on ventilators in Corona may have neuro-related problems


Neuro and Psychological disease after corona
1- Encephalopathy- After recovering from corona, many people are having problems with encephalopathy . In this, psychosis and memory become weak. Such a situation is happening to those who have been on ventilator. 

2- Guillain Barre Syndrome- It is characterized by weakness, numbness, tingling and increased risk of paralysis in the body. In this the immune system attacks the nerves. Due to which this kind of trouble starts. 

3- Encephalitis- In this disease there is swelling in the brain. After recovering from corona, the problem of encephalitis has also been seen in some people. Those who have been seriously affected by this virus have more such problems.

4- Anxiety- After recovering from corona, psychological problems are also coming to the fore in many people. In this, problems like mood swings, anxiety, sleeplessness, fear are happening the most. Corona has made a serious impact on people’s mind.

5- Blood Clots- This is also a serious problem in post covid symptoms. In this,  blood clotting takes place in the brain. Due to which the risk of stroke also increases. This problem has come to the fore in many corona patients.

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