COVID-19 Patient At Home; NITI Aayog and Piramal Foundation launch Surakshit Hum Surakshit Tum Abhiyaan | NITI Aayog and Piramal Foundation campaign in 112 districts, we will be safe from you


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  • COVID 19 Patient At Home; NITI Aayog And Piramal Foundation Launch Surakshit Hum Surakshit Tum Abhiyaan

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  • This campaign will be run in 112 districts across the country
  • 20 lakh citizens will be given help under covid home care

Government think-tank NITI Aayog and the country’s leading corporate house Piramal Group’s Piramal Foundation have started a scheme to provide door-to-door care to the patients of Corona. Under this, the campaign will be launched in 112 districts across the country. It is named Safe Hum Safe Tum. These districts are in 26 states of the country. There are more districts in larger states.

20 lakh citizens will be given help

Under this campaign, 20 lakh citizens will be given help under Kovid Home Care. Under this, the district administration will be assisted in taking care of such patients of Kovid-19 at home, who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. This campaign has been launched under a special initiative called Aspirational Districts Collaborative. In this, local leaders, civil society and volunteers will work with the district administration to solve the emerging problems in the district in the major focus areas of the Aspirational District Programme.

The campaign will be led by the District Magistrate

The campaign will be led by the District Magistrate in partnership with over 1,000 local NGOs, who will nominate and train over 1 lakh volunteers to connect with patients through inbound/outbound calls. Piramal Foundation will assist the district administration in training NGOs and volunteers.


Important initiative is – NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said that the campaign ‘Surakshit Hum Surakshit Tum’ is an important initiative which seeks to meet the immediate needs. Under this initiative, India’s poorest communities in the districts will be provided long-term support keeping in mind the lasting impact of COVID. The campaign is expected to play an important role in the preparedness of the district administration to treat 70 percent of the cases related to Kovid at home, reduce the pressure on the health system and prevent the spread of fear among the people.

Citizens will also be made aware during this campaign for proper use of oxygen concentrator supplied to these districts.

NGOs will also be involved

Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the NGO will mobilize local volunteers to provide home care assistance to the affected people. Volunteers will be trained to support each of the 20 affected families by educating caretakers to follow the COVID protocol. They will also be trained to give timely updates about the patients to the administration.

Aim to reach all affected person

Ajay Piramal, Chairman, Piramal Group said that our target is to reach every affected person in 112 districts. We call upon all stakeholders – Government, NGOs, communities and others to join hands and render their services in this initiative of Aspirational Districts Collaborative.

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