Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine Shortage And Supply Issues In Bangladesh Nepal | Adar Poonawalla’s company Serum could not fulfill the promise, the infection is not taking the name of stopping in many poor countries due to lack of supply


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Corona hotspots have become all over the world from Bangladesh to Nepal, Rwanda. But vaccination programs in these countries have stalled. Vaccines are not being supplied in these countries. Actually, Adar Poonawalla’s company Serum Institute is not getting the supply as expected. The big claims made by the company are proving to be hollow.

WHO declares serum as top supplier

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) named the serum the top supplier of the Kovax program. WHO had said that Serum, the world’s largest vaccine maker, would supply the vaccine to many countries. But the company’s Pune factory caught fire, after which the export was banned. Due to this, there was a big setback to the vaccine supply being done in other countries.

There was a promise to supply vaccine to 92 countries

Serum had promised to supply the vaccine to 92 countries. But the company has so far been able to supply only 30 million doses out of 200 million doses. Due to this the vaccination program of poor countries is being badly affected.

The problem of vaccine supply comes at a time when the WHO and public health experts around the world are constantly warning that the slow pace of vaccination in poor countries could lead to the emergence of different and dangerous variants of the corona. This could make the epidemic prolong.

Problems are coming from every company side

However, the failure to supply the vaccine is coming not only from the serum side, but also from other vaccine manufacturers. But, in the poor countries that are affected, the serum had promised to supply many countries. Because of this, the fight with Corona in those countries seems to be weakening.

No export since April

According to the information, since April, Serum has not sent any vaccine abroad. After the second wave took a frightening form, the Indian government banned the export of its vaccines.

Promise to supply 40 crore doses

Last year, Serum CEO Adar Poonawalla promised that his company would supply 400 million doses of AstraZeneca to poor countries by the end of 2020. Then at the beginning of the year 2021, this company said that it has made only 7 crore doses so far. Because the company was not told when it would get the license in India. Apart from this, the company also said that it does not have enough warehouse space.


direct supply agreement

Some countries had also signed agreements for direct supply of serum. But now these countries are forced to find new suppliers. Nepal is also one of those countries. Here the infection has spread to Mount Everest, but the vaccine has not been supplied from the Serum side. Nepal has said that it has received only 10 lakh doses out of 20 lakh doses so far. While 20 lakh doses were to be supplied by March.

Nepal also did not get vaccine

Tara Nath Pokhral, ​​director of the Welfare Division in the Health Ministry of Nepal, said that we are facing the problem of vaccine shortage. Nepal, with a population of 28 million, has been able to get only 24 lakh doses so far. Of these, there has been direct supply from 10 lakh serums, while 10 lakh doses have been received from the Government of India in grants.

The company has the capacity to make a huge amount of vaccine

Vaccine Alliance Gavi CEO Seth Berkeley said Serum was chosen as a Covax supplier because the company had the capacity to produce the vaccine in bulk. Apart from this, the company has the ability to deliver more vaccines at a lower cost and in less time. Berkeley further said that Serum has increased its manufacturing capacity, which will allow more vaccines to be produced in India.

Recently, Serum had said that the chances of exporting the vaccine before 2021 are very slim as its first priority is to supply the vaccine to India. But other poor countries of the world are still scrambling for the vaccine. Bangladesh has stopped the campaign to give the first dose of the vaccine because the supply from the serum has stopped.

Chinese company can also be selected

Chinese vaccine makers Sinovac Biotech Ltd and Sinopharm Group may come forward to meet the vaccine supply shortage. They have recently been recognized by the World Health Organization. The supply of vaccines from Chinese vaccine manufacturers has put the vaccination campaign on track in some South Asian countries. But there remains a massive vaccine shortage.

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